For self-published authors

How can help me market a book as a self-published author?
If you have self published a book, you may use to gain market awareness and potentially sell copies of your book, provided your book is available to purchase somewhere through an existing website.
Simply create an author account with, which is free and then submit enough chapters of your book to the website in order to pique the interest of our website visitors. If our readers are interested enough from what you have submitted, then they may want to purchase a copy of your book to either find out how the story unfolds or ends.

As your book would already be available to purchase from an existing website, you will be able to set up a ‘Buy This Book’ link which appears on besides your work. We assume that readers will click on the ‘Buy This Book’ link because they want to purchase a copy of the book, upon which we charge your pre-paid worthyofpublishing account for this service. The system is on a pay per click basis, so when a reader clicks on the “Buy This Book” link, your account with us is debited US25c and the customer is redirected to the section of a website (which you have specified when setting up this feature in the ‘My Books’ section) where they can complete their purchase.
You will not be charged for clicking on your own "Buy This Book" Link provided you are logged in at the time.  
To protect the legitimate business interests of Worthy of Publishing, you are prohibited from listing any email address, website link, phone number or any other contact detail within the content you upload or in the Comments Section.

There are many book marketing companies available to self published authors, is a cost effective way you can put your books in front of potential book buyers.