Hope for Book Publishers, Authors and Readers

Thursday, 6 November 2008

Publishers around the world seem to be receiving more manuscript submissions than ever before according to recent surveys. Combine this with tightening world economies and it is clear to see why publishers are becoming ever more selective about what they accept to publish, making it a lot harder for new writers trying to break into the market.

There is hope though, thanks to a website that’s proving popular with authors, readers and publishers. www.worthyofpublishing.com gives book lovers the chance to preview and vote for what they would like to see published and offered for sale on the book market. Aspiring writers can gain free market feedback on their manuscripts by easily showcasing as much of their book as they wish, for the website’s visitors to review and rate.

Local and international writers are finding the comments posted alongside their manuscripts from readers extremely valuable for helping them improve their writing and in many cases affirming that their writing is appealing to readers.

To help protect authors’ copyright, the website developers have made it difficult for people to copy an authors’ work, by eliminating the copy and paste function from the website.

Publishers are starting to use the website to search for potential next best sellers that the market are consistently rating highly and have indicated they would like to buy if and when published. Louise Armstrong commissioning editor at New Holland Publishers says “We have come across a book that looks very promising and are currently just waiting for the author to finish writing the remaining chapters to fully review it.”

Worthyofpublishing.com was established by Kiwi Entrepreneur Aaron Cook who has a background in advertising and marketing. The site quickly gained support from industry groups like the New Zealand Society of Authors and similar organizations in Australia and the UK. Since its inception 1 year ago, over 500 authors have joined the website and showcased over 400 books. A total of 2700 book chapters are now available to read online for free.

 “The majority of publishers around the world still prefer to receive physical copies of manuscripts” says Mr Cook, “yet it is estimated that only half a percent of manuscripts submitted actually end up getting published.” Mr Cook hopes the site will also help eliminate the need for authors to have to send piles of paper (manuscripts) worldwide, only to have them returned again. “A thoroughly modern idea” says Daniel Williamson a NZ author using the service to showcase his book Magician, Man & Beast.

“I was very interested to hear about the initiative- it is a novel approach to the problem new writers face breaking into the market and could be a useful tool for both writers and publishers. Hon Judith Tizard – Associate Minister for Arts, Culture and Heritage (New Zealand).

“A word of appreciation. I just discovered your website a few days ago. What a great initiative! It is great to read others’ books and comment on them. Easy to navigate” KURT FRENIER Pepsi Cola International, Marketing Director Foods & Innovations Saudi -Gulf - N.Africa

“Thank you for a great site for writers to test the waters with their work. It was about time that someone started a website like this.” Quintin Seegers – Author.