Book Buyers review what's worthy of publishing.

Wednesday, 5 December 2007

Book lovers can now preview and vote for what they would like to see published and offered for sale on the book market.

A new website called has recently been launched for book lovers to be the first to preview, rate and comment on books that have not yet been published.

The website offers aspiring writers the chance to gain awareness and market feedback on their work. The simple tools on the website allow writers to easily upload a synopsis of their book and as many chapters as they wish to post for the website’s visitors to review and rate.

The website went live on the 27th of October 2007 and has already attracted many writers who have submitted content across a broad range of genres.

The service is completely free for unpublished writers to use and for readers who wish to preview unpublished books online.

For writers, positive feedback and popular demand for certain unpublished books may dramatically increase the chances of such books being accepted by publishers and ultimately being published. Readers will have the opportunity to have a say about what they feel is worth publishing and about what they might wish to purchase on the market.

In time, with more and more writers posting their work, the work offered on the website will offer a fascinating cross-section of contemporary writing.

It is understood that in the publishing industry there is always a percentage of books published that do not make a profit for the publisher. On the other hand, it has also been estimated that less than 1% of manuscripts submitted to publishers are accepted. The website offers the opportunity for publishers to see what people want, and for writers to bring their work to the attention of both the public and publishers. We have all heard the stories of successful writers like JK Rowling of the Harry Potter series, having their manuscripts initially rejected by numerous different publishers before finally being accepted. Perhaps if potential readers had been offered a sample of the books, and had responded to them as positively as they eventually did, the manuscripts may have been accepted by a publisher sooner. Worthyofpublishing offers just such a platform.

Aaron Cook, the Director of believes it makes sense to provide a forum in which the market can decide if a book is worthy of publishing by offering potential readers a preview of a book and the opportunity to rate it. After all, these would be the same people buying the books once published. The website has already started to attract the attention of some local and international publishers who are keeping an eye on new content that may be worthy of publishing.

Jenny Harrison from Authors Direct says in the future publishers won’t need a slush pile. All they will need is

Cook says that the website is not just for writers who want to get their work published. People who have a passion for writing can use the website to share what they have written and gain market feedback.