How to get a book published

Have you every wondered how to get a book published or been interested in gaining market feedback on your manuscript?

This is where may help. Traditionally publishers prefer to publish books by Authors who have already had previous books published because they perceive it as being less risky. It is estimated that less than 1% of Manuscripts submitted to publishers end up being accepted. is designed to help writers gain market feedback on their manuscripts so they can increase their chances of attracting a publisher and potentially sell more books once published through increased awareness.

Writers simply upload a blurb about their book along with enough chapters to pique the interest of our website visitors, who in turn can review and rate the writer's work online.

This offers writers the chance to gain free manuscript assessment from the market. It makes sense for the market to rate pre-published books based on what they like and feel is worthy of publishing, since they would be the same market of people potentially buying the books once published. Popular rating work may have a higher chance of attracting a publisher because it may reduce the risk for the publisher.

Since we have a growing number of reputable publishers keeping their eyes open for new talent on the website, if your pre-published book proves to be popular, there may be a possibility that several of our associated publishers may get in touch with you with an interest to publish your work. In this case you as the author would have the ability to choose between publishers.

This service is free for writers to promote their unpublished books and for people who love reading books online.

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How to increase your chances of getting your book published.

  • One of the first and most obvious rules - Ensure spelling and grammar are all checked before submitting your work to the website. It is advisable to have your work checked by a professional proof reader to ensure the story flows right - remember this is your reputation.
  • Include who the target audience is for the book in the long description text box on the website. This will help attract the right people to review and rate your work.
  • The longer your work gets exposure on the website the better! You may only have completed 2 chapters of your book so far as an example, in which case you could submit those chapters to the website and continue uploading chapters as you complete them to a point where you feel the storyline piques the reader's interest. This way, by the time you do complete your book, you may have several publishers to choose from who are interested in publishing your book if it rates highly, not to mention perhaps a large number of people interested in buying a copy once published to find out how the story unfolds or ends.
  • Please take any feedback or critiquing left in the comments section constructively. If you own a business, one of the easiest ways to increase your revenue is to ask your customers for their feedback on areas you can improve on and then action the worthy suggestions. As an author, writing is your business so be sure to listen and find the potential clues in the feedback you receive.

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How to increase popularity of your book(s)

1. Read and rate other people’s books that are of interest to you, especially if you leave genuine feedback (Often they will return the favour without even being asked. Give and you shall receive).

2. Ensure you have uploaded a relevant photo for your book cover, and that your short & medium descriptions are as gripping as possible. People are far more likely to click on your book if it looks interesting.

3. The more chapters and books you provide the better your chance of attracting readers. People are far more likely to click on a book to read if there is sufficient content for them to really get into. Once someone finishes reading all your chapters, automatically recommends your other books to them. When you post new chapters or a new book, people who are interested in your work will automatically be notified – keeping you top of mind.

4. First impressions count. Ensure you have checked over your work for spelling and grammatical errors, especially your short & medium descriptions and synopsis, since these will either attract or put off readers. 

5. Many authors have successfully used social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter as examples to promote their books.

6. Try asking family or friends to read, rate and comment on your book. (Some people get cooperation from friends and family, and others don’t which is ok).

7. Are there forums/blogs or communities of people who would be an ideal target market for your book that you could chat to?