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Finding next best sellers may now be more predictable. helps publishers easily find manuscripts that the market are rating highly and have indicated they would like to buy.
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As a registered publisher you will soon easily be able to login and search for:

  • The highest rated unpublished books / manuscripts.
  • The books with the largest number of readers wanting to buy a copy once published.
  • Refine your search further by the country the author resides in and by specific genres.

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How can help the environment.

Reducing the carbon footprint seems like a well discussed topic these days. We understand that a majority of publishers still prefer to only receive physical copies of manuscripts, yet it is estimated that less than half a percent of manuscripts submitted actually end up getting published. The website eliminates the need to be sending piles of paper worldwide only to have them returned again. A thoroughly modern idea! 


The process and our charges.

If you source a good book/manuscript being profiled on that you would like to apply to publish, the steps are as follows:

Step 1. Simply contact us initially and mention which book you have an interest in publishing. We may verify your details and organization initially.

Step 2. Our fee for service for publishers that wish to publish books that have been profiled on is a small 2.5% of book sales. We send through an agreement for your authorization. To help get the ball rolling, we will waive our fee for service on the first book your company decides to publish from our website.

Step 3. Upon receiving the signed agreement back (with the exception of your first book as stated above), we will then introduce you to the author, where you can then proceed with your normal process from there.

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How will we then help boost book sales?

We will mention beside the profile of the book /manuscript on that it is in the process of being published. This will help raise public awareness and build anticipation.

Once the book is published, we notify our database of readers who have asked to be notified when that particular book becomes published, so they can go out and buy a copy.

We will then also profile the book on the main page of to further raise awareness and help boost book sales.

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 Frequently asked questions:

Q. Can an author rate their own book?
A. No, and a reader can only rate the same book once. A reader can review their rating later however if their initial rating was based on errors that had been later corrected for example.

 Q. What if an author gets all their friends to rate their book?
A. What we have found is if an author’s friends rate a book overly high, the realists of this world normally rate it slightly lower than what they think it is worth to overcompensate for the initial generous rating. Also as the website grows, down the track a few ratings by an author’s friends won’t matter when books have been rated by hundreds or even thousands of people.

 Q. What is the process of publishing an author’s book once we have agreed to the terms and conditions of worthyofpublishing?
A. We will then introduce you to the author where your selection process continues from there. So this could be to review the rest of their work, discuss your contract with the author and any editing requirements before publishing the book etc.

 Q. If we select an author's manuscript to publish through and agree to the terms and conditions of worthyofpublishing, is either the author or publisher under any obligation to one another?
A. No. If you as the publisher are not happy after reviewing the remaining chapters you don’t have to proceed with publishing that author. Likewise an author can refuse your offer to publish their book before they sign a contract with you.

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