Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can I upload completed chapters of my book, even if I haven't finished writing my entire book yet?
A. Yes, absolutely. The longer your work is on the website the more exposure your work gets.

Q. What is stopping someone from copying my work?
A. First of all, your creative writing is automatically protected by law in countries that are members of the WTO*. We have also made the website more difficult for anyone to copy a writer's work, by eliminating the ability to copy and paste from the site. You will also notice that a warning message appears at the bottom of each book chapter on the website “Please respect the author’s copyright”. Finally, not you or any potential book buyer will benefit from your writing, if it's kept a secret and never ends up getting published.
*Reference - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Copyright

Q. Does worthyofpublishing.com proof read my work & do they publish books?
A. No, currently worthy of Publishing Ltd provides an online platform for authors to find out how popular their pre-published book is and for credible publishers to source talent. When authors submit their work, it appears on the website as it is when it is submitted. Therefore we do recommend your work is edited and spell checked before uploading it to worthyofpublishing.com.

Q. Why are members prohibited from uploading in their content, a contact phone number, email address or website link?
A. To keep this service running free for Authors, worthyofpublishing.com charge a small 2.5% royalty fee to Publishers who choose to publish a book that has been uploaded/promoted on the site. The other reason is for the Authors' own privacy.

Q. If my book gets published through one of the registered publishers of Worthyofpublishing.com, will the royalty fee that worthy of publishing Ltd charge the publisher, be deducted out of my Author royalties?
A. No, this should definitely not come out of the Authors royalties, but rather the publishing company's budget. Publishers normally make losses on a percentage of books that don't break even. If an author's work proves to be popular on the website, this may be an indication of the book being a good seller, hence reducing the publisher's risk.

The website may also helps sell more books, as once it is published through one of our registered publishers, we note on the website that the book is available to purchase through all good bookstores etc. This ensures website readers, who are fans of the Author's work, know they can go out and buy their own copy of the book.

Q. If my book has already been published, can I upload chapters to worthyofpublishing.com?
A. This may depend on who would now own the copyright to your work. If the publisher does, then your answer might be no. If you, the author own the copyright, then yes you could upload your book chapters, however worthyofpublishing.com is mainly designed for unpublished works and facilitate writers to attract publishers.

Q. I have self-published my book, what happens if a reader wants to buy a copy?
A. If you have self published a book, then you can profile it on worthyofpublishing.com to help sell more copies.
Simply submit enough chapters of your book to worthyofpublishing.com in order to pique the interest of our website visitors and provided there is a website already available where people can buy your book, you can easily set up a “Buy This Book” link to that website. The ‘Buy This Book’ link will appear beside your book on worthyofpublishing.com. To set this up, simply click on ‘My Books’ once you have logged in and follow the steps at the bottom of the page. Because we anticipate people will only click on your ‘Buy This Book” link with the intention to purchase your book, Worthyofpublishing.com charge on a per click basis, so every time a website visitor clicks on your “Buy This Book” logo, it debits your account US 25c. You can top up your worthyofpublishing account with a minimum of US$10

Q. When I upload my work, am I obligated in anyway to get it published?
A. No, someone who just loves writing as a passion may wish to upload something moving and touching that they have written to share with the world.

Q. Do new authors ever get a fair chance of having their books published?  Seems to me that an awful lot of celebrities have no problem getting theirs published, i.e. Wayne Rooney, his autobiography - at 22 has he really lived yet and seen anything of life.  He doesn't need the money either! How about giving the new authors a chance!  What happens when new authors books are listed on your website - do you follow through or forward them onto literary agents or publishers?

A. Publishers are receiving more manuscript submissions than ever before, however book readers/buyers are not increasing at the same rate. It is estimated that more than 70% of manuscripts published don’t make the publishers a profit. This is one reason why publishers are being more selective than ever before about what they publish. Why publishers naturally gravitate towards already known authors or celebrities is because there is already market awareness. Just like your favourite brands in the supermarket – you as a consumer buy what you know and trust. This is the exact reason why we created worthyofpublishing.com, to help authors build reader awareness for themselves and their books prior to being published. The feedback authors receive can either help them improve their work or confirm that they are already on the right track with their book. The online star rating system and comments section, to a degree helps publishers sift for potential next best sellers and may help minimize their risk. Worthyofpublishing.com becomes successful when authors are successful, so of course it's in our best interests to promote books that are proving to be popular to relevant publishers.

Q. Will publishers still be interested in publishing my book if part of it is uploaded to worthyofpublishing.com? In other words, would I lose first publishing rights?

A. Actually quite the contrary, most publishers we talk to are very receptive to popular new titles emerging on worthyofpublishing.com. The fundamental business interest of publishers is to obtain profit, therefore if market feedback indicates that certain work uploaded on worthyofpublishing.com has the potential to become the next best seller, publishers are not likely to reject the manuscript and forgo the opportunity to publish it.

Q. I have been told that if I post a story onto websites like this it is pre-publishing, is that true? and the story will not be able to be properly published?

A. That’s false. As we mentioned in the previous question above, most publishers we talk to are very receptive to popular new titles emerging on worthyofpublishing.com.

Even Charles Dickens work was originally printed in papers before it was originally published.

Publishers are more wanting to protect their possible publishing rights, however when you post chapters on worthyofpublishing.com, you maintain all the rights to your work, so are free to do what you want with it. It’s even common for books that have even gone as far as being self published to be later on picked up by big publishers.

If you have a question or concern that you would like to clarify, please feel free to contact us.