Falling: Another Story Idea

Asmodeus Friday, 11 June 2010
Just isn't enough here, are they trapped on a a plane or in the airport? Oh and I get that the exploding plane was what most likely collapsed the building, but most buildings have an abundance of emergency exits, especially airports. Lastly though I would Not say it is impossible, more like highly improbable that a plane would explode due to lighting strike. Example: it hasn't happened in the real world of commercial aviation, and that all airports big, and small suspend activities like re-fueling aircraft when storms come within 5 to 10 miles of them. I know all this because I worked at LAS-MacCarran Int for almost 10 years. All major commercial aircraft are well built against lighting strike, due to the fact the get stuck all the time, and hardly results in disaster, much less a incident. Even a good fantasy story needs to be believable when it comes to such mundane things so I would suggest give it more thought and find a more believable reason for the plane to explode... Like some loser with a pipe bomb and a cause...
Naida Fair Saturday, 8 May 2010
how is it that they are the only ones alive when the lightning killed everyone around the plane? i would say that i was an earthquake of sorts, lightning can't really cause a portion of a building to collaspe. do you ean by "there is no exit" that there is no way off the plane theyre boarding? if so then you could go on about how the plane has to get off the ground in order to keep its passengers alive. of course if that were to happen, then there would be mobs of people floding to any planes that are still adequate for flying.

there is room for improvement. check your grammer, too.
L.J Fallen Wednesday, 11 November 2009
Add more to your intro, I don't really feel that I know enough from this to give proper feedback.
BirdsCanFly Tuesday, 10 November 2009
Sounds like a good idea, Needs a bit more thinking to make it more realistc but other than that i think its awesome. Hope you can bring out this idea :]
i would like to read this.
Ranko-chan Tuesday, 10 November 2009
interesting, I'd like to read a little more into it if you decide to post :)
hime Monday, 9 November 2009
i think it's cool. just a few things make me wonder tho, first is to think that a lightning can cause such a massive destruction.. and also, the incident happened at the airport, so i assumed help would be readily available from the surrounding area.. so when u say no exit.. it was a bit questionable. but it's ok, it's too early to say anything, just go on, it's your idea, your story, u should know the twist better. i'd like to see this idea developes very soon. good luck!

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