Creatures at an Exposition

toughcritic Monday, 30 November 2009
write more
poppop Tuesday, 6 October 2009
great stuff
Metaldog Wednesday, 9 September 2009
ok, it's broken up into individual chapters now.
Barely Surviving Monday, 31 August 2009
Hey, Dude, make 20 chaps out of this so I can read it. Too many words, man! It's great, but its too long for one bite!
Daylight Dreamer Sunday, 23 August 2009
Wow. Fantastic job. Keep writing! :)

PS Can you check out my books? Thanks in advance.
toughcritic Friday, 21 August 2009
Good old Ignaz. I liked the confrontation with yourself and the medical advice the Doctor gave you.
R12 Thursday, 20 August 2009
I guess I need to watch Doctor Who to understand all the references. Sounds fun, though. Great writing!
J.Schinn Thursday, 20 August 2009
very imaginative. come read my "Personal dialogues"
honorback Wednesday, 19 August 2009
outstanding example of the genre.
paul schoaff Wednesday, 19 August 2009
you ought to break this up into 10 chapters. Great story for you. Glad to see another Doctor Who fan on board.

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paul schoaff Friday, 6 November 2009
neat chapter
beauxartes Sunday, 4 October 2009
This couldn't be better.

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