Kelly Maree Tuesday, 17 July 2018
E.S. Iaza Saturday, 23 June 2018
Jesus, this is tasty -- the language, the flow. Action unfolds in just the right way, information is offered through protag's eyes and delivered right into the reader's brain. Your similes are on point. Dialogue is crisp. Really well done. If you persevere, you have a bright future ahead of you.
N. Renč Sunday, 25 June 2017
I rarely say this about a piece, but I am IN LOVE. Your writing flows so well, and reminds me of Matthew Reilly's work, and he's absolutely one of my favourites. I'll most certainly be reading on. Kudos, my friend.
Phillip O'Sullivan Monday, 10 July 2017
Confident and sharply attractive writing.

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