Giving up the art

Charly Froerer Friday, 5 April 2013
This is really good. Sure, capitalization would be nice, but some stories don't have it. Most stories do, but some don't, just to fit the story. I am writing a story where one of the main characters writes without capitalization.
I like your book. I've only read the first chapter, and sounds good. The words you use make it flow nicely. It sounds like a really good book.
Rabid Weasel Thursday, 17 January 2013
The books a bit confusing and the capitalization just was super annoying. Please do something about that.
Vivia Strachan Austin Aut Tuesday, 2 October 2012
Seems like a good story, but not capitalizing really annoyed me. Please, do something about this. No one is going to take you as a writer seriously if you don't change. I am just trying to help. I hope you fix it. I would love to read it.
MyNameisChance Friday, 21 September 2012
I understand what is like to have bad spelling or forget to capitlize, dont give up but work on it. Just remmber that it's more important to have a good story then a to have good spelling. Thats what spell check and editors are for. Keep up the good work.
Audrey... Sunday, 22 January 2012
Okay... I have to say...
This is a serious site. If you were serious about the story, you would pay attention to the grammar. And by that, I mean the fact you wrote your whole text without a single capital letter. Maybe your story is good, I don't know, I couldn't read much of it since the grammar pissed me off. I cant give this a good rate. Correct it and I might read it someday.
DayBreakRose Sunday, 22 January 2012
In the first two sentences, you used he word house twice. Try to find a synonym for it. I love it and am now reading more!!!!
I.T.Lestrade Thursday, 24 February 2011
First sentence made me mad! First you're...never mind just go help yourself to some creative writing classes.
Pages Friday, 18 February 2011
I loooooooove it. What more 2 say? LOL
cassandra D.T Sunday, 27 December 2009
It's a good start.
You got me interested all the way :]
Potassium Monday, 22 June 2009
its a little weird for me how nothing is capitalized. also, you might need to fix up your syntax. was her mother sitting on the table or at the table? other than these things, i do like your writing style. your descriptions are quite vivid. are you a violinist? or perhaps you know someone who is? i play the violin myself haha.
anyway, im quite interested in seeing more chapters posted! superb work!
Tatchania Sunday, 21 June 2009
Sounds like a great start. I like the idea. She sounds like an intruiging charector. Cant wait for more.
Charly Froerer Friday, 5 April 2013
OK, I want to read chapter 2, if it's ready could you please make it viewable to the public. I'd love to read it! :)
slinc Thursday, 19 November 2015
Annie....♥ Tuesday, 27 July 2010
China Roses Tuesday, 22 December 2009
This is a lyracal book about dreams and not being able to prusue your own. But please,please capitalize I and proper names! Please rate my books.
Rosarian Ross Wednesday, 21 December 2011
You know what Anne do t be a rude little brat if you thought it was so stupid then why the heck did you read it!!!

Anyways I absolutely loved the book

Plz read mine it's called my life in grey and black

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