Marshmallow's First Day of School

Tyson Peterson Saturday, 4 May 2013
What a great children's book, it reminds me of The Velveteen Rabbit.
Widdle_Pawz Thursday, 28 March 2013
I love this book! Hope you make more! Check out mine!
Megane Monday, 3 September 2012
It's adorable!!!!!
FurnGirl Tuesday, 25 September 2012
This is really cute. The big grey rat reminds me of Splinter. Couple of typos but a cute story.
Sydney Taylor Wednesday, 16 May 2012
This is co cute. I love it:)
Monrosey Thursday, 6 March 2014
Love the inspiration for this book!
Chuway7 Friday, 10 January 2014
Pin3apple Monday, 29 October 2012
This is sooo adorable!!! One eyed little mouse, sounds soo cute!!! The sound of it makes me want to cuddle with it!!!!!
Hanna Clicton Friday, 19 October 2012
This is one of the most adorable books I have ever read. Marshmallow and Ramon are truly great characters in this story because they both teach a great lesson for children. You have a very imaginative brain and a very kind heart. Except for the fact that in a few places throughout the story, there were some misplaced things. Thanks!
0002sirap Friday, 6 July 2012
How cute!!!!

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