Kid Island

fart Tuesday, 7 June 2011
whats with the different names of the same persobnhfg kruktdkty jsdftjh
Emilie Cavin Saturday, 6 February 2010
Oh! Just one thing, who's Marissa? I thouht her name was Melissa.
Emilie Cavin Friday, 5 February 2010
Oh Wow! This sounds really good, a little like Narnia, but I'm sure the story line is different. :)
Jacky K. Tuesday, 2 February 2010
The storyline sounds great! And original. It's not that vampire/werewolf stuff that I'm tired of reading.

The only thing I could suggest is to add a few more details into there, and vary your sentence lengths. Short when you want to make a strong point, long when you are describing things. Speaking of describing things, try to describe the scene a bit more. What does the house look like? What color are the walls? What do your characters look like? These are necessities to keep me interested and to make your story real. Happy writing!

Check out mine? It's an adventure/fantasy, called "The Moon's Lullaby." If you take a look, then thanks in advance!
~ Taryn~Emily ~ Wednesday, 17 June 2009
This is great!!!
I really like it so far!
Also, I am loving the start of different. It IS FAB!!!
xx Taryn Emily
Alissa Ryan Monday, 1 June 2009
Gorgeous, dahling, gorgeous. My editing skills are amazing (well, and so is your writing). You should definitely put up your Holocaust story! Your writing is seriously awesome in that one.
Emilie Cavin Friday, 5 February 2010
Nevermind about the Narnia thing :) I love it! It's sooo original! My only suggestion is to slow it down a little. SOOOO Favoriting
Alissa Ryan Monday, 1 June 2009
Love it, dahling.
Emilie Cavin Friday, 5 February 2010
This is really good!
Tadia Wednesday, 24 June 2009
I love it so far! I would sooo buy this! Check out my books, Richwater Creek, Magic, and The Real World :)!
Emilie Cavin Friday, 5 February 2010
Again, i really like this but i think its going to fast. :)
Emilie Cavin Friday, 5 February 2010
Ewwww!!! gross sandwich. Great story!
Colleen Miller Friday, 4 December 2009
oh sorry...I wouldn't know I'm in NY :)
Alyssa Janae S. Thursday, 5 November 2009
Cool you said in connecticut and i live there but summer days in connecticut can reach past 100 degrees farinheit

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