American Stereotypes

Mary-Annalee DiGiovanni Wednesday, 26 March 2014
I am dying right now. This is hilarious.
Liam Rae Sunday, 3 March 2013
The book picture scares me
P. Clifford Mills Monday, 3 December 2012
Omitted to rate it. 4.5 because a lot of worthwhile thought and work has gone into this.
bmoore07 Monday, 13 January 2014
This book is really insightful and it seriously makes you think. Keep up the good work!
black fire night Tuesday, 11 December 2012
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John T. Goodman Friday, 27 June 2014
Interesting, funny and very true. Actually some useful data. Just keep off the drugs.
P. Clifford Mills Sunday, 2 December 2012
These analyses are perceptive. Yet, as you say, they deal with stereotypes. Compared with actual people, stereotypes are flat and dull. Humans, on the other hand, remain interesting because they never precisely fit one mold or another. Their inconsistencies make them seem real. Is this why your descriptions feel less than alive?
neimanra Sunday, 22 May 2016
Cool reading. Today I got completely pissed off by HD seniors cruising around the city in their store bought outfits and bandanas; and I was searching the web to see if anyone is as frustrated by this as me. Obviously, you are :) Thanks for that.

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