Her name was Katie

EvanescenceFreak Monday, 25 March 2013
Bec Starlight Wednesday, 27 July 2011
Please please please post more of this!
brendonurieismyman Tuesday, 5 July 2011
This is a great start, I love it. I can't wait to find out why Katie is so skinny and her reasons behind it.
Bec Starlight Saturday, 6 August 2011
I've been reading this at every chance I get. Well worth it!
Bec Starlight Saturday, 13 August 2011
I hope she gets better, I sincerely do <3
Bec Starlight Sunday, 28 August 2011
No no no no no!! This is just terrible! I'm probably going to cry in the next chapter D:
Passionate♥Writer Thursday, 7 June 2012
This was an exellent read, and it was very educational. It raised people's awareness of different types of anorexia. I'm certainly more knoledgable about it now. It was heart-warming and something I would pay for.
My only regret is that it wasn't longer, when I reached the final chapter I was thinking 'Aww, is that it?' I was hoping for more added as it was so good.
Well done. A very good book :)

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