Hooked, Hit, and Hopeful (FINISHED)

Capitalletters Thursday, 28 April 2011
Oh wow, that's really sad and disturbing, but written with a great narrative. Can't wait to read the rest.
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Neal O'D Saturday, 29 September 2012
There is a great story here the only thing that disturbs me is that the characters haven't been fleshed out enough for me to get into the drama.
This is merely a critique that comes to me as an offering.
Would you look at either my Mitsein or Cindi's pendulum to see what I have done to paint the abuse picture.
Neal O'D
Drop By and See Him Tuesday, 29 November 2011
i luv your writing!
BethanyPurple Thursday, 8 March 2012
This is really good :-)
ThisChick21 Monday, 22 August 2011
<333 North Carolina Love! Its my 2nd home :DDD
Drop By and See Him Tuesday, 29 November 2011
it sounds like one of those cheesey romance movies but i love it!!!!
Torribell24 Thursday, 14 June 2012
Touched my heart. It was so beautiful; I loved it. But I'd go over it because I found some mistakes. Either way, it was amazing
PassionateWriter7 Friday, 4 November 2011
OMG!!!! Your story is soooo touching and sad and AMAHZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
ThisChick21 Monday, 22 August 2011
Cute Story! I love it!
Heavan Thursday, 28 July 2011
In some ways a bit unrealistic, I mean I don't think most moms would let a girl sleep in the same room as their son, but otherwise loved it, very powerful.
Kristen M.N. Hood Friday, 24 June 2011
WOW!! i love your books!! almost all of them that i have read so far have a happy ending!! i think i loved this one the most so far!!!
stormdog11 Tuesday, 14 June 2011
i really love the happy ending...i loved it! :)
E.Gaze Saturday, 7 May 2011
So was this a journol or...?But anyway it was very interesting with thank goodness, a happy ending. Nicely done
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