A Tragedy

Anne Onimous Saturday, 12 March 2011
You have the makings of a really good story here. The conflict is well-set-up, and I especially think that the predicament in which Annabeth finds herself is fascinating. My one suggestion is that you do a little research on the Civil War. You seem to be a little off in some places. For instance, age 21 wouldn't be all that young for a soldier; a lot of soldiers in the Civil War were younger than 18 (they lied about their ages) and the lower life expectancy back then would mean that a "boy" of 21 would ordinarily be set up married, working, and possibly with a couple of kids. Just something to consider.

But anyway, I quite like the way this is turning out so far and hope you will continue to write it. Thank you for your kind comments on my short stories.

Anne Onimous
*P.S.ILoveYou* Sunday, 3 July 2011
Thank you for your comment. I was debating whether or not to just delete this book from my list, but you decided for me. I have put up a new chapter, but I don't know if it is complete or not yet.

Thanks again!

~Kira :-)

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