[i2s2bwy sequel] i'm too scared to let you go

♥Lexxi Kay Saturday, 23 May 2009
Like it!

Pheebs Saturday, 3 January 2009
i used to go to kapolei high shool i left like 3 months ago. kapolei hurricanes!
writer4life Thursday, 23 July 2009
GREAT, no comments werid lol please check out mine?
Cassie Midlake Monday, 30 August 2010
No offence, but if this is supposed to be a novel, you shouldn't put
Because that's more like a television script than a novel...
It's just Me Tuesday, 9 June 2009
never name youre last chap the end
Karleydean Tuesday, 20 January 2009
I realy like your book. I love how it ended. There are a few things that i saw though that i did not like. suck as how they flip out over nothing. it was kinda unrealilistic. (i don't think i spelled that right.) They are sometimes blind. I mean some of that stuff they should have noticed what was going on. Other than that i loved it. keep up the good work.

Hollystar1011 Friday, 28 May 2010
This book is AWESOME!!!!
AS Saturday, 21 November 2009

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