Addison & Co. Saturday, 9 May 2009
Oh goodness. I can't stop laughing! I think everyone around me thinks I've gone mad. I really enjoyed this. I'm a college student myself and I see so many people like JMo passed out under a tree. Good job!
Jack B. Nimble Wednesday, 15 April 2009
I rated :) Becasue I reallly realllllly enjoy this book.
Cam Sunday, 29 March 2009
This is interesting stuff. I will keep on reading :)
Jay Molina Friday, 27 March 2009
Thanks for reading Chelsea
Jack B. Nimble Thursday, 26 March 2009
Im adding this to my favorites so i can read the rest. For now, what i've read so far seems to be good. :)

I promise ill be back. I've got loads of time, but most of it is used up from reading other peoples stories on here. :P