meredith Saturday, 14 August 2010
This is an awsome piece of work. You draw the reader in from the first paragraph. The dialougue flows very well and your description is at times, quite beautiful. Look forward to reading more.

Would you mind taking a look at my book Angel Eyes? Any feedback would be appriciated
Thanks M.
Geoff Dean Wednesday, 18 November 2009
I like what you have done with the book. The line about licking the remnants of her life from his lips is chilling in its clinicalness. I also like the way things are never spelled out clearly but the reader is drawn in and forced to make his or her own conclusions. Well done!
cmuncher Saturday, 24 October 2009
This Is gonna be an awesome book I cannot wait to get them all!
Michelle Reid Friday, 31 July 2009
Great start on this... It makes you want to read more... Thanks for sharing.
butterflyluvr93 Monday, 27 July 2009
WOW I love this!! Great job so far!