bookaholic93 Sunday, 15 August 2010
Post soon!!!!!!!!!!!
Kx Wednesday, 11 August 2010
Aww, I totally liked Austin! Please let him live- somehow!!!!!!
Good storyline. Good characters. Great twists. Keep writting. Can't wait for more :)
MaddieBear c: Sunday, 8 August 2010
1 problem there aint another chappy!! write another 1 fast!!!
MaddieBear c: Sunday, 8 August 2010
noooooooooooo not her brother he cant die!!!!! -crys- and i liked austin character or not :(
19thmysticalbeast Thursday, 20 May 2010
Great. Fabulous. Will you read mine? It's the best! Thx. And put my story on your profile so others can read mine. Double thx.