Lil Dave Monday, 26 October 2009
Awesome poem. Awesome testimony. Keep up the good work! This is definitely glorifying Him, and that's our ultimate purpose. You've inspired me!
If you have time, I've got a poetry book with a few poems that are God-based, so if you can, please search through and find them. I'm gonna write more. Thank you!

Another Sister in Christ (ignore the pen name)
WRITE ON! Tuesday, 9 June 2009
AWesome. Just Awesome. You know the Lord is using you to reach people. He is so great and mighty, and that's what we're supposed to do. To glorify him.
God bless
Sista in Chirst
Tatchania Sunday, 31 May 2009
Once again, why for such an amazing writer are your ratings so low???? Obviosly people dont know a good poem when they see one :)
I love it. I admire how you where your heart on your sleeve and your faith so openly, its beautiful. You have got me thinking that I should try to write som God-based poetry as well, I think it is what my literature is lacking. If only all cristians were as open as you- more people might come running to their father.
Great Job and
God Bless :)
miaa_xoxo Sunday, 15 February 2009
agian you've suckseeded in so many ways bravo bravo read my poems as well alough im only eghit im still good with words but sorry if im not good with spelling