A Shiver For Your Spine
Author: Catherine Noble

Chapter 11

One Friday night, a boy and his girlfriend went on a date to the movies. The movie ended earlier, and so the two decided to go parking. They stopped on a high hill, looking out over the river. An hour went by while they listened to the music, and kissed, when suddenly the music on the radio was interrupted by an announcer. He claimed that an insane person had escaped from an asylum in the next town over, and had last been seen heading towards there town. The announcer said that you would be able to recognize the man by the hook where his left hand should be. The girl became scared and claimed to hear scratching noises from the door. Not seeing anything outside the window, the boy said she was being ridiculous, but decided to lock the doors to help calm. A few minutes went by when the girl claimed to be hearing the scratching again and wished to go home. The boy was annoyed, but he agreed to take her home. Once there, he got out of the car to go open the door for her. When he reached the passenger side door he froze in fear…….there on the handle…hung a hook.


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