Bloodlust (Completed)
Author: Abigale Carter

Chapter 41
Little Fairy becomes aware

Her skin was shimmering in the light as she continued to float on the Everlasting Water. She had been there a while now, just sitting there in her hospital gown. Maybe it was time to wake her up.
I leaned out over the water and touched her arm with my hand. She gasped loudly and her eyes shot open. They were bright red still, and unnaturally large like before. She cocked her head towards me.
Her face grew calm and she stared at me. Her fingers slowly moved towards her face and she touched her cheek. She wore an expressionless face, I couldn't tell what she was thinking. She blinked and a tear fell out of her eye.
Without saying anything she came to the edge of the pool. She pulled herself and tucked her gown around her, "Might want to find me something better to wear." She said.
She was so calm I didn't know what to do with it, I tried to respond to her, but my mouth refused to speak.
"I must be powerful huh?" She thought out loud to herself, "I'm probably stronger than you. I'm like a witch."
I snorted, "You aren't a witch."
At that she swiftly looked at me with a glare. The smile faded from my face. She turned her body and started crawling towards me, "I know what I am! You don't need to tell me twice."
I was shocked to have her change emotions so quickly but I managed to say, "I didn't tell you once."
She instantly became confused, "You told me what happened."
She thought about it for a moment. Then she scooted towards me gently and then reached for my face temple with her finger. When she touched I felt a shock. She began to breathe heavily, her eyes were shakily scanning my face, she looked horrified. It was like she was reading my mind.
She began to shake a little and I grabbed her hand and pushed it away from me. She breathed out with relief and began coughing to catch her breathe. She scooted away from me with a broken look, "How could you kill so many?"
She did read my mind.
She looked at her palms, "If I live, I must kill."
She began to cry, she buried her face in her hands.
I scooted closer to her and rested my hand on her shoulder, "Its okay, you will learn how to better yourself and-"
Her face shot up, "Better myself? Christopher you will never understand! You have killed too many! Innocent lives! Don't you get that?"
I didn't respond. I looked down at the floor avoiding her gaze. She let out a sob, "If I want to live, I have to drink blood. But how could I kill?"
I sat there silently while she thought about it in her head. I wanted to help her through this. I lied, "You can go without blood, it will get easier to control and you can live without it."
"Don't lie to me. I read you. I know you tried." She sighed clearing her face with her hands, "I saw it. You tried so hard to contain yourself. And you did. But then the pain came. Going without blood is a slow death. Probably like starving in the human world...Or worse."
I sighed, "How old are you?"
She smiled, "11, I'll be 11 forever."
I laughed, "You'll only look it."
"No family of my own one day, no college or future. Just sit around as an eleven year old my whole life."
"Hey," I said quickly, "I'm your family now."
She looked at me her eyes were slowly changing from red to blue, a sparkling blue, "And the girl. Who's the girl?"


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