A Girl Named Her
Author: Braylee B

Chapter 20

He lied to her... He never gave her time to realize what she wanted. Because four days after they broke up, he was already going out with her best friend. Then he continued to lie because he kept telling her they werent dating yet and all that bull. When in reality they had been dating for like two weeks already. He was kissing her and holding her and telling her he loved her only yesterday and the day before. While he was dating her! Well according to facebook anyway. She knew she shouldnt have dont it. But she loves . . . Loved him. . . He never gave her the cahnce to see what she truly wanted. Which was him. She tried to go back to him. To be his again. It took them being apart to see that he was the only person she wanted to be with. He just never gave her the time.. He kept telling  her how heart broken and hurt he was. But how could he have been if it only took him FOUR days to move on. Sure he told her he will always love her and still does, and that he wishes they could be together. But thats a lie. Everything he told her after the break up was a lie. He's doing the same thing with her best friend as he did with her. All the little things that meant so much to her. So much for his first love. It takes longer than four days to get over your first love. She still isnt over her first love and they broke up like two years ago. Shes heart broken. And doesnt know what to do. Her best friend is no longer her best friend. Shes lost him. And shes been crying non stop for the last 10 hours practically. She just wants him back... For eveything to go back to the way they were before he lied... Before he ran away with her sister. Before he broke her heart. Before he stopped loving her. . . She just wants to feel better. But having to go to school is not going to help at all. She will think of him every time she walks to class because he walked her to all her classes. She will think of him in class because theres nothing else to do. She will be thinking of him even more because she wants to text him and hear his voice. She doesnt care if they are yelling, if hes cussing at her, just talking to him makes her feel better.

Shes just lost. Crying, trying not to cut, or go insane. Shes got to try and forget him, which she knows will be impossible because no matter what, she still loves him with all her heart. Even though the rest of her is yelling "I hate him!" She cant let go. . . Its going to be a rough last two days yill spring break... Ad spring break is going to suck. Knowing hes probably going to spend most of it with her. Today is going to suck because he knows they are going to be hanging out... F**k her life... She hates it. She just wants to stop hurting. She thought he was different. But he proved out to be just like the rest of them. . .

Another mistake. . .


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