Rebellion 2540
Author: steve write treantafellou

Chapter 3
Project Spartan I.

09:00 hours after the Solitude mission failed. Project ORON was determined that we need new super soldiers. And better armor system.


          “It was not our fault Marcus, we didn’t see that IED in time.” Marcus just waved Amy away, knowing what she was going to say would be true. Two ORON soldiers died back in Solitude, ACT units used it as a trap for their own Long Sword bombers. They lost Frag and Mist, and Marcus can’t afford to lose another life, or he will snap. Back there was a bloody battle, two ORON marines for the price of wiping out an entire ACT regiment. But all Marcus saw was bitter defeat, and a down fall for the human race. Amy threw her helmet at the wall, breaking down crying right in front of her Commander. The thought of losing two friends ate away at her heart. Just like the loss of her parents in Solitude. And this attitude was not suitable for an ORON marine to express in public. 

          “Amy… I know you greave for the loss of Frag and Mist… I do to. But now is not the time to show sorrow and remorse. We must be strong for the others, we must show them that we’re no push over’s.”

          “It’s not that Marcus! I have lost my parents for ever! You should have left me for dead when you’ve found me!”

          “Don’t you say that Amy! You are what the UNSC needed you to be! An ORON marine, and with out us we will all die! Not by the ACT’s, not by other factions of the planets, but by the damn covenant horde! I have seen blood shed of my kind back on Hailson-4. Four days before my fifth birth day, the Covenant came to invade Hailson-4, and as they did…” He tried to hold back tears coming from his eyes. So he continued.

          “My parents were apart of the UNSC… my mom told me to go with my older sister to uncle James house… and that is when I saw one huge elite, towering over my dad out side the door. The elite grabbed my father by his smooth throat, and impaled its energy sword into his abdomen.” One tear fell from his eye rolling down his cheek. Amy watched his body language close. She saw that he was not moving in his armor. Sorrow overcame the young ORON marine.

          “What happened to your mother Marcus…?” Amy quietly asked as the tone was set off Marcus’s father.

          “My mother held her K-5 shotgun to the elites head. After she pumped the gauge, a Covenant sniper shot her in her heart… so my sister took the K-5 shotgun, and killed the elite in our house. That is when she grabbed me up, and took me to my uncle’s house. My uncle builds pelicans for the NAVY for a living. So he took me and my sister in, and flew us here to this planet.” Amy shook her head as a sign to Marcus that she understands. She then rested a friendly hand on Marcus’s shoulder for comfort. Feeling his cold metal shoulder plate, she shivered in her own armor. Warthogs sounded their horns as they were entering Gamma base.

          “New recites has arrived ORON marines!” The four star commander said on the top of his lunges. Jessica walked out of her quarters, later after, so did Amy and Marcus. All three of them exit through the heavy metal double doors. Just in time to catch the last Warthog speeding out with ODST’S. Standing there in dust that was kicked but by their track’s, ten new marines in familiar armor silhouettes stood out from all of the dust.

          “Sir, Franklin squad ready for combat duty, we were sent by ONI to aid some girl scouts out.”

          “Might as well turn back now, we don’t need any help from fresh meat.” Marcus came out from his bunker right up to Franklin squad. The new SPARTAN’S were not intimidated by old ORON marines. Marcus was a Sergeant in his squad after Solitude; Amy has the rank of Lance Corporal in his squad. Commander Laz was in between both ORON and SPARTAN marines.

          “Step down Sergeant let these new marines introduce them selves to us.” Marcus paid no attention to his commander’s words. He just stared into the SPARTAN’S orange-gold visor.

          “Sir I do not like new marines coming into our base, saying ONI sent them to help their own kind.”

          “As you can see Sergeant, ONI did send us to help ORON marines. We are PROJECT SPARTAN I soldiers bred from Dr. Halsey’s lab. We were trained in a rough environment by Master Gunnery Sergeant Kale and Black Op’s Sophie.” Marcus could not believe what he had heard. Dr. Halsey created new marines to replace PROJECT ORON? If she did, why did she do it when more ORON marines are still alive? All of this doesn’t add up to him.

          “ORON soldiers are dying on the outer colonies worlds where we inhabited. The covenant was ruthless, and slaughtered many ORON soldiers. They were not fast enough, due to your heavy bulk, out dated armor. Like it or not, ONI sent us here, and ONI wants us to stay.” Marcus turned back to Lance Corporal Amy. He sighed in his helmet before taking it off.

          “Amy… let’s prepare for our RAID mission. Only Jessica, you, and I will be enough for this mission. I can’t afford to lose any more ORON soldiers. I hope you understand that Amy.” Amy shook her head in agreement before dashing back to her quarters. Laz watched Marcus closely before Parker, the new SPARTAN walked up to Laz.

          “Parker you and Kilo get ready to help those two. Only thirty ORON marines were killed by ACT activities.”

          “Sir, consider it done. Kilo on me, let’s head to the armory.” Kilo came right up to Parker. Then both SPARTAN’S made their way to the armory. That is when a blue mortar went up into the skies. Both SPARTAN’S jumped back as the mortar came down on the armory. In one loud explosion, the armory was destroyed by the blue plasma mortar.

          “Wraith!” Cantus yelled out as more SPARTAN’S deactivated their active camouflage. When it fully dissipated, more ORON soldiers were out ready for battle. SPARTAN’S, ORON, marines, and ODST’S were standing side by side. Once the front gates blew open, plasma fire erupted through the smoke.

          “Get to cover and return fire marines! The covenant doesn’t know who they are dealing with!” The marines did as their commander told, by getting into cover and returning fire. Marcus, Amy, and Jessica ran back with a hustle. Taking their snipers in hand, all three of them made their way up to the snipers nest.

          “Jessica on thermal, cut down as much as you can, Amy on me. We can not let the Covenant take over this base.”

          “Yes sir!” Jessica said before Marcus and Amy sped down the hall way to the next nest. With their eyes peeled open, each of the ORON soldiers dodged marines, pushed off of the cold metal bulk head for speed, and vaulted over three sandbag barriers. One ORON marine was wearing an unusual armor system to Marcus. Her body was slim to the curves of her body; she wore no helmet because she has no purpose to. Her long silver white hair caped over her shoulders, in her hair was red markings of ancient life. Her muzzle was quite short, but rounded like a wolf.

          “Get down!” Marcus yelled grabbing the ORON soldier by her shoulders, forcing her down just in time as a pink shard burst on impact with the wall. The ORON soldier looked up into Marcus’s black visor.

          “Thank you for your help.” She said all calm and justified. To Marcus, all he heard was a sweet tone.

          “Marcus the covenant sent elite strike forces into the base. Marines are doing all that they could do to stop them.”

          “Lay down heavy fire on them until our tanks can move out. Where are our warthog’s at?”

          “They’re just about to arrive, Marcus.” Marcus helped the familiar soldier up to her feet, by then the covenant sent phantoms out. MASS drives did all they can to keep them at bay, until Zealots rushed into our defensive lines. Marcus ran to an opening with his sniper. He took out four Zealots before they could have slain any marines. Snow, with her bolt action sniper, took out the one’s going for the MASS drivers.

          “All ground troops this is Lance De Moor, coming in for air support with our sixty millimeter guns. Give us a heading and we will take them out for you.”

          “Copy that Lance De Moor; this is Field Marshal Snow Wolfe. I have your heading, on grid two-five-Kilo-Vector-six-ten-Charlie. Do you copy Lance, over?” The ship loomed over head with its engines burning at high speeds. Each sixty millimeter batteries opened up in range, firing at a steady four rounds per second. Next was a heavy battle cruiser, named Retro De Loon. Sending Falcon support crafts out of it’s under belly hanger bay. Marcus saw the carnage building up out side of the base; he felt the ground shake and rattle.

          “Retro De Loon, Lance De Moor, do you two copy, over?” No reply back as Marcus saw both ships on fire. Snow raises her head up seeing the two ships in pure grief.

          “There is nothing left we can do for them. Let us keep a strong defense and keep the covenant at bay Sergeant. We don’t want to lose any more lives do we?”

          “No ma’am.”

          “Good.” Snow loaded five new bullets into her sniper before running off. Marcus, Amy, and Jessica were right behind her.

          “What made those ships go down ma’am?”

          “I have no idea, all I want to know is why didn’t they have backup?”

          “This is the battle carrier Kale De Fresco; we have picked up enemy covenant Corvettes’ looming over head. I’m moving in to engage the enemy; I repeat I am moving in to engage the enemy.”

          “Negative Kale, you saw what had happened to Retro and Lance. I don’t want the same to happen to you, unless you have more battle carriers with you to join the fight?”

          “That we do Field Marshal; we have the flag ship Hell Fire and the elite carrier Midnight Ahri.” The Midnight Ahri struck fear into the covenants third slip space fleet. That single carrier took out ten Corvette’s without a scratch on her. Same with the flag ship Hell Fire. That ship is well known to the covenant fleet. Legends had told that the Hell Fire could take on three covenant super carriers at once.

          “Copy that Kale; give them hell for Retro and Lance.” Once in range of the Corvette’s, Hell Fire unleashed both of its heavy MAC cannon, striking the first Corvette in its side, ripping its hull wide open. Good thing Hell Fire caught it with out its shields up. Midnight Ahri’s MASS drivers opened up on the second Corvette, sending a barrage of missiles taking its shield down. Kale De Fresco fired its MAC cannon into the first Corvette hitting deep inside. The Corvette gave off a loud metal shriek before blowing up into a big purple blue ball of flames. Hell Fire unleashed its MAC guns again striking the second Corvette in its after burners before it could flee. The engines on the covenant Corvette shuttered before blowing the entire engine bay exploded in a purple bluish blaze.

          “Covenant ships have been neutralized Field Marshal Snow. Hell Fire and Midnight Ahri stationing over head, permission for star stomp encounter with enemy fleet?”

          “Granted, take Kale De Fresco with you. We will radio in for air support if we need any Commander.”

          “Copy that; Midnight Ahri, see you top side.”

          “On it Hell Fire, Field Marshal Snow I sent some Falcons to aid your problems. Give them hell for us on the ground.” All three of the ships engines ignite with pure red hot flames. It didn’t take them too long to reach orbit into space. Regrouping with their fleet, more covenant ships have had arrived.

          “All ships engage the enemy; we can not let them take Zana-3 from us. Hell Fire and Midnight Ahri take a few ships and flank right. Gambit Enterprise and Onyx Haze take the rest of the few and flank left. Every one else on me, let’s show the covenant who they are messing with…”


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