Rebellion 2540
Author: steve write treantafellou

Chapter 2
before solitude.

03:00 hours, before Delta squad was assigned a mission in Solitude. Jessica and Amy were prepping their armor and weapons.

“Hey Amy, would you mind handing me that bandolier strap? I need it for my sniper ammo, and for my pistol.”
“Do I get to have one of them?”
“Only if you are a scout sniper like I am, but then again, all ORON soldiers are issued one. Take the blue one, it matches your armor.” Amy smiled as she took the blue bandolier strap, handing the black one to Jessica, she took her AR5B rifle ammo. Amy slung her rifle over her shoulder, locking it in place on her back. Jessica loaded her SRRS-8 sniper with four bullets, locking the bolt.
“Let’s find Marcus before our flight leaves us behind.”
“I doubt that they will leave us, Marcus needs a full squad to proceed with the mission. And I have seen Solitude before; a lot of ACT activities were going on in there. And my mother and father lived in Solitude before the ACT’s attacked, I never saw them again when Marcus saved me.”
“You will see them again one day, I am sure that they are still alive. You just need to learn how to be patient enough. Then, only then, will you will be able to see your family once more.” Whatever wise saying, Jessica said, Amy knew what she meant. So, both of the girls ran out side to the launch pad, when they arrived to the launch pad. To their surprise, Marcus was waiting for them with five other ORON marines. All of whom were wearing the same type of armor Marcus had on. Elite snipers of the UNSC, Jessica had on her apprentice sniper armor on. Amy had the basic infantry armor that ORON marines have on.
“Glad to see you two girls up already, we need to leave ASAP. Solitude can’t repel ACT soldiers for long, that’s why ONI called us in for support. We need to get ready for our mission, get in the Pelican now before we miss our window to go.”
“But Marcus, if we go to Solitude to quell ACT activities, who would protect this city?”
“Leave that to UNSC marines Amy, now is not the time to worry about it. Get on the pelican, load you weapons, and get ready for our mission.”
“Yes sir!” Jessica and Amy did as they were told, getting on the Pelican, loading their weapons with a fresh MAG, and strapping their selves in. once Marcus was in, the pilot pulled the stick drive up, and activated the thrusters.
“This is Pelican one-one-eight clearing the station for more.” The pilot said over the radio to the command tower.
“Copy that Pelican one-one-eight, green flag to go. Give them hell marines.” Once command gave them the ‘all clear’ to go. The Pelican took off with a burst of power from each thruster. Each marine in the back felt the Pelican shake with a desirer to fall apart. So the pilot eased up on the thrusters, flying at a steady speed of three hundred and forty miles per hour. Amy was sitting with Marcus as was Jessica, sitting across from them were Jason known as Frag, Stealth which is Kate, Scope which is Luke, and Mist which is Ashley.
“Once we land in Solitude, keep your eyes open for any ACT activities. If you see any ACT’s, let me know and I will give you the OK to fire. As of now we are here to scout out Solitude and get as much information about the ACT’s as we can to report back to Admiral Jason. Amy, Jessica, and Stealth you’re with me. Frag, Scope, and Mist you will take the left half. Our mission objective will be on our HUD so we don’t have any chatter. Got it?”
“Sir yes sir!” Every one said to Marcus, these recruits were assigned this mission for one reason, to see if they are ORON material. Most marines in Solitude managed to dim the ACT forces to a good amount, enough for the ORON soldiers to operate with.
“I heard the covenant were much worse and volatile then these ACT fools.”
“Guys, keep your mouths shut, and focus on our mission in hand.”
“Aye.” Frag loaded his X-K5 grenade launcher with two M-L4 fragment grenades. Stealth attached silencers to her K-8 shotgun and her .45 side arm. Amy, being nerves as she is, attached her scope on the wrong way.
“Here Amy, let me put the scope on for you.”
“A-aye sir.” Amy gave her sniper to Marcus, with one swift motion. Marcus placed the scope in the right position, to fast for Amy to see. Marcus gave Amy her sniper back while he slammed a fresh MAG into his semi-automatic rifle.
“Every one, get ready for drop in five!” Every one stood up, ready to jump on command. Jessica had butterflies in her stomach, as did Ashley. Some thing is not right here; surely the ACT’s had captured some Saber fighters from the navy. But we never ran into any while on rout to Solitude. What the hell’s going on, it’s not like them to not attack?
“Frag, Scope, and Mist jump now we will fallow soon.”
“Aye.” Frag was the first one to jump, then Scope with his .45 pistols out, and the last was Mist. All three ORON soldiers were free falling down to Solitude. Frag activated his HALO suite around ten thousand feet, next was Scope but a bit lower than ten thousand, and Mist activated her suite around fifteen thousand feet for sniper cover.
“Amy you will jump with Jessica at the same time. Stealth when I jump out fallow me.”
“Aye.” Marcus jumped into the deep blue sky without looking back. Stealth fallowed as Marcus commanded her to do. Next were Amy and Jessica. Both of them were holding hands before it is time. Amy took a deep breath before she nodded to Jessica. She nodded back taking a big leap out the Pelican with Amy. Jessica activated her HALO suite as did Amy. Their objective point to rendezvous with every one was half click away from Solitude. Every one safely landed a half click away from Solitude.
“Every one alright, if so lets move to Solitude. Amy, Jessica, Stealth regroup on me. Frag, Scope, and Mist go left to scout on the high grounds. We will push forward into Solitude, find any UNSC marines that needs help if there is no ACT activities. Once we have completed our mission, we all regroup here at this point. Fallow our orders and we will go home alive.” Marcus took point, jumping over dead tree stumps, dodging huge boulders, and stepping through rivers. Stealth, Amy, and Jessica fallowed right behind him. Frag and the other two climbed up the mountains, jumping from tree a tree branch to a safe ledge over looking Solitude.
“We are in place Marcus and we see you in our sights. Hang on… ACT MPT in bound five meters away from you. Stay low and don’t move a single muscle. Green light to engaged, Sir?” A little light flickered green signaling its clear to engage the ACT. Scope took aim at the .50 cal gunner in back, Frag has his cross hairs on the driver, and Mist has her cross hairs on the passenger. Three seconds passed and in one shot, took down all three and the ACT MPT flew over head Marcus and the others.
“That was close Frag, way to close. You three still see us in your scopes?”
“Aye we do.”
“Keep your eyes on us as we advance forward.” As Marcus looked up, he saw the gates to Solitude wide open. The sweat was dripping down his forehead in his helmet, he can feel it. When he shifted, gravel under his feet was crushed, he heard it. Watching the sand kick up from the strong gust of wind, he saw it. But he kept pushing forward to Solitudes wide open gates.
“Marcus we saw some ACT activities near Solitudes main market. Mist saw three creates of explosives, and I six ACT rocket implements. Well fortified, no way in from, our assessments, and we don’t have any ordinate to blast our way into them. Huh… damn ACT’s were smart enough to fortify their position.”
“Wait you said we don’t have any ordinates that can break through their defenses?” Frag couldn’t help but to smirk in his helmet, while he was holding up his X-K5 grenade launcher. Mist almost squealed in her helmet, which would have compromise their whole mission. Scope, being the silent type like his sister Stealth, just simply nodded to Frag and Mist.
“Um… scratch that Marcus. Frag has a little surprise for those bunkers. Two circular deadly and loud surprises then we can get through this mission faster.” Marcus jumped over a burning ACT MPT, landing meters away from Solitude. He took a deep breath in, and signaled the other three to regroup on him.
“Solitude, the fortress of X-LIM it’s self. Wondered why the ACT’s attacked it, nothing’s worth of any value in side.”


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