Rebellion 2540
Author: steve write treantafellou

Chapter 1
what was before?

14:00 hours before Marcus woke up. Date, October 29, 2539. In the bunker after CQC training was over.

“We have new recruits coming in again Amy? I thought ORON marines don’t train newbie’s, after all we are new our self’s.”
“Well remember that we are drill instructor’s, we can train the newbie’s as we are getting trained by our DI’s. Then again we don’t have drills certain days of the week, and then we can use those days to train the newbie’s.” Amy sat down by the wall with her tactical pad in hand, as she tapped away on her pad, she realize that Marcus was field stripping his AR5B rifle. Amy wanted to say something to him, but she just let Marcus do his job when he wanted to do it.
“I know that you are watching me Amy, its just mandatory to clean your guns before it jams. I am just doing the smart thing when I have no orders at hand. I think you should do so as well Amy, but you’re doing homework from the academy. Mind me helping you out with your homework Amy?” All Amy can do was blush behind her pad, she had a crush on Marcus ever since she was new to the academy, and Marcus was in his last year when Amy came in.
“That would be nice if you could help me Marcus. But do you know the advanced sniper formula for the twenty variable scopes?”
“I think it should be the height of the object in meters times one thousand divided by the apparent height of the object. Ten variables and twenty variables are two different scopes, thus it can be tricky with the math. If I have time, I can show you when I am done. Is it ok with you, Amy?” Amy was lost from ‘it should be’ as she groaned in confusion and agony. Marcus chuckled as he took her data pad from her. He put the numbers down on her pad, and then put the miles on her range formulas, and thus he was done.
“Here it should look like this. The height of an object in meters times 1,000 divided by the apparent height of the object in mils equals the range in meters. This formula has to be for a specific power scope, because a 10x presents a different number of mils than a 20x for the same range.
The height is always the same and x1000 also, so the only variable factor is the mils and a 10x scope present a different number of mils than a 20x scope for the same range. Now do you get it Amy, or are you still lost when you see this?” Marcus hand Amy her data pad, she then skimmed threw it with ease. When she was done, she looked up and said ‘ah’.
“Now I get the formula and the math! Thank you Marcus for your help, will you still show me how it’s done with the sniper?”
“If you want me to, I mean I do have spear time on my hands. Hmm, why not I’ll show you how it is done.” Amy smiled at him with great happiness in her heart, although we could said it for her brain with those formulas in it. Marcus assembled his AR5B rifle under thirty seconds flat, grabbing his SRRS-8 sniper rifle along with an extra sniper; he set them on his desk with the two scopes. Amy just watched him move along his room when she spotted three old sniper rifles.
“Marcus, what were those guns I saw when you took that box out?”
“Oh, those old guns are twenty first century snipers that were the models for our new ones. I kept them because they are great with training new sniper teams. Same type of recoil same type of ammo same type of scope, and same type of bolt. Nothing has changed for these two to our new ones. So, which snipers do you want to use when I show you how to use the scopes and the formula?” Amy pondered at the choice Marcus put out, she wanted to see the SRRS-8 snipers in action, but she is interested in the twenty first century snipers. So Marcus took both of the old snipers out of their casing, loaded the bolt action sniper with five bullets, slammed a fresh clip in the RSASS sniper, and cocked the bolt back as he nodded to Amy.
“Chose a sniper to use Amy, one is easier to use then the other. Nah, I am just kidding, they’re both easy to use. But one thing with the L-118-S, you need to pull back the bolt lock each time you fire, or the used shell will cause it to jam easily.” Amy smiled at her mentor while he was teaching her; Marcus took Amy’s hand gently. He proceeded out of his room into the hall way, once in the hall way, both of them head to the closes stair well. Once both of them reached it, ORON-83 stopped them in their tracks.
“Where the hell do you think you are going ORON-22?” Marcus smiled at the tone of voice ORON-83 used, he turned around to see ORON-83 standing their in her jet black sub suit. Her tail was swaying freely from the wind, her long gold hair was beautiful as the setting sun, and her eyes are crystal clear as the lake out side. ORON-83 smiled to Marcus as she ran up to him, giving him a tight hug, Amy was jealous cause ORON-83 was hotter then her.
“Who is this newbie?” Amy snarled at her remark, Marcus grunted as Amy stood at attention. Marcus smiled before giving Amy the order to ease up.
“This is my apprentice, she joined UNSC academy just in time before I graduated. I’m giving her some pointers on the X+H sniper formula. Something she was never here to learn about due to sudden conditions she was in.” Amy blush a bright red once Marcus told ORON-83 about her past sick days.
“Oh, well I hope you keep up the good work!” ORON-83 came up to Amy, swept her off her feet, and into her arms for a hug. Amy was still blushing at the time, so Amy squealed once she was picked up.
“My name is Jessica, you can call me Jess. Only a few people can call me Jess, not every one can you know.”
“Well nice to meet you Jess, my name is Amy.”
“Oh I know who you are silly, I read some peoples files before they are accepted to my academy.” Marcus cleared his throat, telling her it’s not her academy.
“Okay so it is not my academy, but I help keeping it running smoothly.” Jessica let Amy down before she gave her a card; it said “Welcome to the JROTC ORON program.” Amy smiled at Jessica before she slid the card into her pocket.
“Well Jessica, don’t you have some where to be now?”
“Yea I know, don’t remind me of it. I hate reporting to Admiral Jacob, he always have me doing paper runs to Colonels, Majors, and of course Field Marshals.”
“Ha! Maybe one day you will be delivering papers to me on the fields!” Jessica slapped Marcus across his face at his remark, when Jessica pulled back; she felt a stinging sensation on her palm. Marcus lied on the floor, recovering from the slap Jessica gave him.
“Next time Marcus, keep your mouth shut before I do something worse.” Marcus grumbled before he staggered up, with a low growl, he stood on his feet. He stood straight, arms down his sides, ignoring the pain as he stood in formation. He said in a soft tone.
“I am sorry that I made that remark to you Jess, it was wrong of me to do so. It was just a…”
“Just a joke Marcus, I know it was. If it was not a joke, I would have slapped you harder then that.”
“Yea…” Marcus’s eyes darted from left to right, looking for Amy. Jessica knew she was missing as well, that is when they heard sniper fire down by the firing range.
“Amy must have left with out me.”
“Don’t get all worried about her. She will be fine by her self, besides every one was issued a side arm for protection.” Three marines were right by the firing range, watching the young ORON cadet. Marcus entered the range right when the marines tried to mess around with her.
“What in god’s name is going on here? Marines front and center this instance!” All three marines ignored Marcus’s order, pushing Amy around. He saw both snipers stripped and broken. That’s when Marcus took his pistol out, shot all three marines in their legs. Jessica came in with four Major’s, that’s when Marcus held Amy close to him.
“What happened here cadet ORON-22?”
“Three marines were harassing my new trainee, even broke the two snipers my father left me before he past away.”
“What was cadet ORON-29 doing here by her self?”
“I was talking to ORON-83 about something that came up in mind. I was heading here after I was done talking to her, that’s when I found those three marines messing with ORON-29.” Corpsmen came into the firing range, getting the wounded marines off to sick bay; Marcus was holding the terrified Amy in his arms, comforting her.
“Well I will make sure that those marines will be court marshaled. As for you, Amy, and Jessica, report to my quarters for some questioning.” Marcus just nodded as did Jessica; Amy was terrified to do any thing. Marcus closed his eyes listening to Amy’s soft, silent breathing. Jessica sat down next to them, singing softly to both of them. As Marcus was listening to her sing, he dozed off into a peaceful slumber.


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