Rebellion 2540
Author: steve write treantafellou

Chapter 0

Time 14:50 date, October 25, 2540. ONI believed they have made a genetic soldier that can replace UNSC marines. Once they did, a rebellion broke out with the UNSC marines. Wanting their job back, some of them were in brought back in. Other’s were shot and killed on the spot by Forerunner’s. A few of them escaped with their life, started to spread lies about ONI and their soldiers. Then they got enough of their follower’s to formulate an affective rebellion. I can not say my name cause then they will find me. For who ever finds the note, run for your life. You know the truth of the ONI soldier replacement system. Please, keep this information safe with you at all times… They have found me, I don’t have much time. Take this note to Duran in the Eternal star system. The person you are looking for is a Field Marshal named Marcus. Make sure he get’s this note; a lot of good marines were killed because of this… Just a flesh wound, I’ll walk it off…

“Sir, you do realize that the rebellion all started cause of this note.”
“Yes I do realize that! And this note had no reason to bring me into custody! My platoon needs me back on Duran so the covenant won’t take it back!”
“Enough Field Marshal you will not be leaving so soon. We must discuss the matter in hand with this ACT document!”
“I told you already, I have nothing to do with it! I have never read that old piece of paper when I found it!”
“Then why does it have your name mentioned in this document!” The court room went silent as the air turned to a chill. The Field Marshal cleared his throat, stood from his seat, and calmly spoke to the judge.
“If you must know sir, I was known threw out the whole branch of the UNSC. I had three counts of killing HVT, high value targets. Saving three marine battalion’s from their deaths with three, Zealot task force. And I have taken five of our bases back from the covenants control. My name is commonly mentioned threw out every mouth that heard of me!”
“Field Marshal, I have heard enough from you. Now take your seat. Your friend in Gamma squad is here to testify against you.” Marcus heart sank from the feeling of someone testifying against him. His knees grew weak but he stood strong, waiting to see who it was. Once the court room doors flew open, a female soldier walked right in.
“Well, look at this. Field Marshal, look at what you got your self into now.”
“You know it’s just lies Amy! I was the first one to show you that document!”
“And you associated with the ACT soldier before he died. Did you not Field Marshal?”
“Protocol called for field medic to care for him! He was shot in the back four times! What did you want me to do, let him die?”
“No protocol called for helping an ACT soldier. The ORON code stated ‘Kill any ACT forces, even if they were injured or turned away from their Quo.’ And you took him into your command out post with the rest of your platoon! Did you not Field Marshal?”
“Like I said, protocol called for immediate medical attention! Even so we are at war with the ACT”s they are still human! Protocol stated ‘Help any human in need of any medical attention. Gun shots, burns, poison, loss of blood, amputation, and death.’ And I did what protocol told me to do!”
“Enough, Marcus take your seat now. Amy, please hand me your evidence that you have on the Field Marshal.”
“Yes your honor.” Amy held a UVG-uplink from her helmet module XD-EVAC. She handed the video to the judge and went back to her seat. “Have fun in your jail cell traitor.”
“What were you doing when you saw the Field Marshal helping the ACT soldier?”
“I was doing a recon mission for Gamma your honor. Our squad had a mission to scout an ACT movement that was pressing into our Forsa FOB. Then I saw one ACT breaking off from their ‘pack’ for help. That’s when I fallowed him to the Field Marshal’s BOO. He took the ACT in and proceeded to give him medical attention. I ordered the Field Marshal to step away from a prior period of time of thirty minutes. I took action and executed the ACT where he stood.”
“He had valuable information about the United Nation Space Command! In my squad, we ask first then shoot you heartless son of a bitch!”
“Enough Field Marshal, now let the Legend speak for her self.”
“Thank you your honor. As I was saying before I was cut off by the Field Marshal.”

“Why did you kill him Amy? He had information about the ONI and UNSC soldier replacement system!”
“Be glad I don’t shoot you where you stand Field Marshal! Insubordination to fallow with protocol ORON deployment with taking ACT soldiers in for medical attention calls for death! But your one of our top ORON soldiers in ONI!” Grenades explode out side the medical tent as the ACT”s was pressing on. The Field Marshal took up his rifle as he left the tent. The Legend on the other hand, had other plans in mind. She took the dead ACT soldiers dog tags off his neck and left.
“Command this is ORON-29, do you copy, over?”
“I read you loud and clear ORON-29. What is your request that you need?”
“Insubordination on protocol ORON deployment sir, ORON-22 took an ACT soldier in for medical treatment.”
“Were his intentions right for his actions ORON-29?”
“I believe it was not sir, but when I got to him. I executed the ACT soldier as I asked the Field Marshal to step away.”
“Good, I will have a talk with the Field Marshal once I get a hold of him. As for you Amy, get your squad and report back to Gamma base. I have a new mission for you and your squad.”
“Sir, consider it done.” Amy locked her AR5B rifle on her back. She then loaded her sniper with a new clip. She snarled at the dead ACT soldier on the bench. Once she stepped out of the medical tent, she felt a chill in the air. Rocks crumbled down behind the tent, Amy spun around, sniper at the ready. What she saw was a ghost as she shrugged the feeling off.
“Must have been the Field Marshal trying to scare me. Heh, it won’t work if he is.” Amy ran off trying to find her squad but she ran into the Field Marshal in a struggle. ACT soldiers in a mass of one hundred swarmed their position. Amy took action as she provided Marcus sniper support.
“Field Marshal, fall back now while I got your back!”
“Copy that Amy! Marines lets fall back to our base, set up some mines before we go, then let’s move out!” The marines did as they were told before one was shot by plasma. Every one stopped dead in their tracks, even the ACT forces, and then another plasma round was shot, hit one ACT in the chest by his heart, burning his clothes down to his flesh. The ACT’s had their rifles at the ready, waiting for another shot to be fired. No shots were fired, when the elite grabbed an ACT soldier from behind, activated its energy sword, and then stabbed the ACT in the back down to the ground.
“The Covenant is here on Duran!” More elites deactivated their active camouflage, activated their energy swords when it dissipated, and then started attacking all the ACT soldiers. Marines took up counter assault measures, as the ORON soldiers moved out to aid them. ORON-22 had his shotgun out, shooting down any elites that dared to challenge him.
“Command this is ORON-22 requesting immediate reinforcements down by Alpha base! The covenants are on Duran, I repeat command the covenants are on Duran!”
“Copy that ORON-22, I am sending Raptor squad to aid you… hang on, I am reading multiple pings on our slip space grid.”
“This is ORON-60 of the UNSC space station Anker four. We are reading the same amount of pings command. The covenant had sent their whole fleet, how can we defend our self’s from them commander?”
“We don’t, we are evacuating Duran, destroy any Prototype weapons and armor, and get to your ships now ORON. ONI can’t have you get your self’s killed by the covenant. Leave it to the marines and ODST troopers.”
“Sir, we need more marines down here now, we can’t hold out any longer. The covenants about to breach the armory, we need help before the do.”
“Copy that ORON-49 I am sending three marine forces to your position. ORON-22, you need to fall back right now! I repeat Marcus, fall back now!” The communication relay went silent on the Commanders end, no response from ORON-22. The entire command radio was down; no one was answering him on each Com. The covenant was jamming their Com relay when they exit their slip space rupture. Their fate was sealed…


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