A Girl Named Her
Author: Braylee B

Chapter 16

This sucks, she thinks. She misses him. But she broke it off so the tears that are falling are her own fault. She was just overwhelmed. She needed space. Time to think. She loves him so much. But now, hes going after her best friend who is like her sister. And that is what hurts most of all. Yeah, she told them both it was fine that it happened, but she wasn't expecting it so soon. I mean, the day they broke up, him and her are already talking like crazy. He liked her a 7 the day they broke up. A freaking 7! That means he had liked her all along. But she knew that. She knew from day one that those two started talking that they would be together. She just felt it. And now she's crying thinking about the depression she has falling into because she left. They aren't talking. He was supposed to be her best friend, but right now that's not going to happen. It's hitting her way too much. She still lived him and she's tempted herself many times in the last 24 hours to prove to herself and him that she does love him and forever will. By writing into her body.... But she knows that's not the saber. Scars will never prove anything. So she's just going to cry herself to sleep again. Will herself to have no dreams. Will herself to get better even though she knows she won't. I mean, she practically starved herself today. Didn't eat all day then when she tried she nearly threw it all up. Which made her feel even worse about it all. She just wants to feel okay. But she had a hard time picturing herself happy ever.since she can't picture it, she must face the truth. She will never be happy. So she cries and cried and cried some more till the tears finally run out....


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