Watching the Ripples Radiate.
Author: marshalg

Chapter 144


Savages surround us

Boot boys in the street,

Blood and guts on pavements

Does citizenry greet.

Bullies in school yards

Leaning on the nerds,

Confusing might with able ness

Confusing nouns with verbs.


Terror on the terraces

Hooligans do fight,

With innocent spectators

To prove their football might.

Teeth fly the room in local pubs

King hitters do abound,

Unprovoked by anything

Bar another beer jug round.


The wife gets a beating

For loudly chewing him out,

The kids need a decent feed,

His rough mates require a clout!


Methamphetamine’s everywhere

Each corner’s now  supplied

The kids are hooked at 13

By 14 they’re sky high.

By 15 they’re prostitutes

Or thieving from the street,

By 16 they’re history

And some fools think that’s neat ?


Some brokers are bastards

They rip the old folk off,

They steal their whole life savings

And dismiss it with a scoff,

When brought before the sanction

With a stern…”Please explain?”

They mumble weak excuses

Then repeat the deed again!


The Tutsis and Hutus

Have cut up rough again

Genocidal soup it's called

With machete knives to blend

North Korea starves it's citizens

Builds mighty nuclear bombs

With holocaust pending

Their Great Leader sings them songs.


Taliban murder Muslims

In Pakistan today,

They’ve captured Swat so easily

And Islamabad's next, they say.

India sits there patiently

Waiting for Kashmir,

Whilst self destructing Pakistan

Will deliver it right here.


China sits perusing

Her hundred year plan,

Of conquering Asia

And as far as she can,

Incorporating Australia

And New Zealand too

To ensure enough living room

To allow for it’s few.


America coverts

Any nation with oil,

Allegiance unnecessary

providing there's soil

To invade and annex

And protect with elan,

Salute Old Glory

And God bless our land.


Savages surround us

World over they’re found,

Big guys and bad guys

Ideology profound.

What gives them the right

To intrude in our space ?

Who gives them authority

To violate this place ?


Our planet is suffering

Indescribable wrongs

Should we castrate the singers

Or rewrite the songs ?





Mangere Bridge

13 May 2009


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