Bloodlust (Completed)
Author: Abigale Carter

Chapter 40

From Maggie’s P.O.V.

The water was sucking on my skin and I was dragged farther and farther down into the lake where I couldn’t breathe. Just as I thought I was going to pass out, I took a deep breath of forest air and fell to my knees in the dirt.

Madalla stood in front of me with a disgusted look on her face. Then I felt hands on my arms. Caspus and Dontle were lifting me up and holding tight with their long finger nails. I stood in-between them while Madalla began with, “You little bitch.” She spat and slapped me across the face with the back of her hand hard. “Flood my house with your little tricks and then run away before I’m done with you.” Madalla took her hand to my chin and lifted my eyes up to hers, “You took years of my life too.” She pouted her lip and gave me a sorrowful look.

I gave a fake laugh, "You don't deserve to live any longer than you already have"

Madalla glared at me. She put her mouth close to my ear and whispered, “And who is to decide that dear? You sure don't have the authority.” Then she stuck her fist in my stomach and knocked the breath out of me. Before the pain could stop and my body could heal itself, Dontle and Caspus dropped me and I hit my knees in the dirt again. Madalla crouched next to me in the dirt, "You killed ten years of my life. Ten years I needed badly." She scowled, "Want to know how much time I have left?" She paused, "Two! Two! Two you little imbecile!" She stood to her feet and kicked my on the chest were her healed black boot, knocking me backward, "Now I need to find another Elixir. Its called Everlasting Water? Ever heard of it? Of course you have. Because Christopher is using it. Isn't he? Ha! I don't need to ask, I already know. I finally connected it. Your kind doesn't have extended life, or magic. So how else would that beastly creature be alive after all these years?"
I scowled at her heavily, "You're despicable" I spat.
Madalla laughed, "And I'm proud of that." Then she held up a rock and slammed it down on my head.
I should get used to being unconscious.


I heard Dontle’s voice, “Did she honestly have to knock her out? Now we have to drag her all the way there.”

I realized my feet were dragging and quickly shut my eyes to pretend I was still unconscious. Then Caspus spoke, “Shut up Dontle. Do you want this to work or not?”
Dontle giggled, "Of course I want this to work. Once Maggie gets settled in her skin, she'll be nicer than you are."
Caspus gasped, "Shut up. You know I treat you better than Madalla ever has."
"Madalla gave me my powers. You didn't"
"You can't even use your powers that well."
"I never get any practice."
"Just load her on the damn boat Dontle, stop being so stupid."
I hit a wobbly surface and I opened my eyes.
Caspus was climbing in a long wooden boat and untying the string, she noticed me. She grinned slyly, "Oh the precious princess is up."
Dontle giggled from behind me.

Around us was a dark cavern. Sharp rocks hung from the ceiling looking like they were on the verge of falling down. It stunk deeply of death all around. I peered into the water, it was dark and murky. It looked like a thick melting tar instead of water.

”Don't stare in too long princess. The last thing we need is you dead." Caspus scowled at me and placed both my arms on my lap. I was facing her, I could feel Dontle's eyes on my back.

I glared at her, "Where are you taking me?"
Caspus rolled her eyes, "You should say, "Where are we going?" not like we are your kidnappers. You are one of us now."
I snorted, "No I'm not."
Caspus cackled, "Oh you are deary. You better get used to it. And we are going to the potions cave. We can't keep important things at the house. You should know that. You drowned the damn thing."

I glared, “How should I know what’s fragile?”

Caspus gave me a superior look, “Anyone with common sense could have seen that crystal would break.”

“It was the cat’s fault!”

“Oh, blame it on the cat Maggie. You are pathetic.”

Dontle snorted, “You two are fighting like your sisters.”

Caspus sighed, “She will be our sister soon Dontle.”

Dontle frowned, “Then she’ll be our dead sister I suppose, since Madalla seems to be very angry about all she has done.”

I spoke up before anymore talk of my death could come, "What are we doing at the potions cave?"

Caspus sighed, “This again dear? Persephone is what Madalla calls it. Its a large cave with all our potions inside."
"why does she call it Persephone?”
"We shouldn't take about it."

Dontle pointed into the thick water, “I’ve never seen her before!” She sounded excited.

I leaned over the boat and saw a floating woman. The woman looked like her beauty had faded and she was deeply depressed; or dead. I felt her eyes watching me as she slowly made her way around the boat in the water. It made me feel sick to my bones. Then she disappeared.

Dead bodies is what we were floating on. Lifeless bodies that almost looked like spirits floating in and out of sight on the surface.
We weren't floating on water. We were floating on murky souls.

Caspus laughed at my horrified face, “Didn’t notice the faces before did you?”

I coughed a little in surprise, “What are they?”

                Caspus glared down at her skirt, "You can't just live forever Maggie. You have to take it from someone else."
I didn't say anything more to her reply.

                Dontle then spoke up quite happily, “Madalla can’t ever look in the water. She always stares into the boat, or hides her eyes from the water.”

                “Why doesn't she?"

                Dontle giggled, “There was this one time that”-

                Caspus slapped Dontle on the knee, “You shouldn’t tell this story Dontle.”

                I perked up, "Caspus doesn't know whats best for her, Dontle. Tell me."

                Dontle then spoke quickly before Caspus could intrude, “Madalla was sitting right where I am now. The conversation was a little quiet and Madalla was staring at the middle of the boat. Then Caspus pointed out something in the distance and Madalla took a glance. That’s when her eye caught the person in the water. She just stared at the person for a long while and then she started reaching her hand out of the boat.”

                Caspus groaned, “Will you shut up?”

                Dontle continued, "Then something came out of the murk and grabbed her! It was horrifying! Luckily, we were here to pull her out, or she'd been dead."
"Why doesn't the water effect us like it does Madalla?"
Dontle shrugged



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