A Girl Named Her
Author: Braylee B

Chapter 14

And she just cannot help it. She needs to talk to him. Not want, but need. He was her best friend. She still searches for him at school and where ever she thinks he might be. Along with her longing to talk to him and just say she is sorry, she is also searching for a girl. A girl she can hold and kiss and call her own. Yeah, she has a boyfriend, but she always felt and still feels that she wants to be with a girl forever. Not a guy. She wants to be happy. And he makes her happy. But if a the chance to be with a girl comes along she will jump at it. She already told him so.

So now she has the weight of a lost best friend who hates her on her shoulders as well as the hope and dread of finding an amazing girl. Or a girl at all actually. She jsut wants to have peace of mind and be happy. But she will never be untill she gets to talk to him face to face and aplogize for all the shit she put him through. Whether he takes the apology or not. And she wont every be truely 100% happy till she uis with a girl. And she knows it.

But for now she will be as happy as she can be with the guy she loves. And she will still sit around hoping her ex best friend will change his mindabout her and come back into her life. Which she knows is super unlikely. But a girl can dream cant she? Yeah, dreaming is better than reality sometiems.

So she will dream and dream and dream till she can finally stop dreaming.



Februrary 18, 2012


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