Bloodlust (Completed)
Author: Abigale Carter

Chapter 39
Fairy in the Cave

From Christopherís P.O.V.

††††††††††††††† She was gone. I had lost her again.

†††††††††††††††If I had been faster, just a little bit faster, we wouldn't be in this mess.
Those stupid witches and their sneaky little portals. I just hope they didn't connect us to the water yet, or they would be searching this area day and night until they could take it from us.
I needed that water. And Maggie needs it too, if I ever succeed in protecting her. And that girl.
The girl.
Still back in the cave.
Scurrying back to the tunnel I prepared myself for the sight of the girl.
Why had I brought her here? What purpose did that serve me? Now she was just another problem that I'd have to lug around behind me, while I tried to sort things out.
She was in the corner of the cave. Her head was tucked between her knees and she was rocking back and forth on the floor. I could hear her soft voice singing the old nursery rhyme that went, "I'm a little teapot, short and spout." She was sobbing. I couldn't help but feel a bit nervous in the situation. I took a step closer and my foot slid across the cave. She stopped rocking and looked up. Her eyes were a dark piercing red. The iris and pupils were extremely larger than usual, you could hardly see any white. She hissed loudly bearing sharp and pointy teeth sticking out of her mouth. She began crawling slowly in my direction with a glare spread over her scary eyes. I took a step back each time she grew closer.
"You did this to me!" She shrieked, her face now turning into a more sorrowful appearance, "Why did you do this to me?"
I tried to gather my thoughts. She was only a girl, the water would only heal her. That was all the water should have done. I was going to bath her in it and send her back to town. Invite her back once a week to keep her a live. I didn't know it would do this to her. I spoke shakily raising my hands in the air, "I- I din't know it would do this. I- I only wanted to help!"
Her teeth faded back to herself and her eyes turned a piercing blue color, but stayed the same size. Tears fell to her cheeks. She crumpled up into a ball, "What am I?" She screamed and began sobbing louder.

†††"I- I don't know." I looked around. The bag I had brought was ripped open, bloody hand prints covered it. There was only a few bags of blood left inside.
I cleared my thoughts and drank the rest of the blood.
Why did the girl drink the blood? What the hell was she?
The girl straightened herself out and sat up on the floor. She wiped the tears from her eyes and stared at me. Her eyes were green.
"What are you?"
I didn't say anything as I threw the last bag of blood down and wiped my mouth. I stared at her for a while, "I don't know myself. I know I'm some sort of dark creature. I lust for blood. Like anything else in these trees."
"I'm not the only one?"
"Of course not. There are dark and light forest every where. And you happen to be in a dark one my friend."
"Well you can't go back into town looking like that now can you? You'll need someone to help you get through this."
She looked startled and went to the water. She gazed at her reflection and gasped. She touched her face with her hands roughly. She jammed her fingers through her hair. Then her face went blank and she fainted. She went headfirst into the water.
I pulled her out and placed her on the cave floor where the light from the morning was just filling in from the hole at the top. It was shining on her legs, and her skin began to sparkle. It was shimmery and light, reflecting little dots of light all around the dim walls of the cave.
†††† I heard rumbling down the tunnel, and Gustus came through. He gave me a smile and a nod but then he saw the girl. He gave her a curious look and then he looked surprised, "How'd you find that thing?"
"Human hospital? The human hospital had that?"
"I guess so."
"Explain that to me."
"I can't."
Gustus looked curiously at the girl, "Was she dying when you found her?"
I chuckled, "Terrible shape, black under her eyes. She said doctors couldn't explain it at all."
"That's not good. If she died, that'd be a waste of a prize dark creature like her. Madalla and her clan were looking for one a few years back. But their kind is close to extinct."
"You know what she is?"
"Oh yeah, Madalla talked about all kinds of information in front of me. She never thought I'd get away."
"What is she then?"
"She's a fairy." He paused to think, "At least i'm guessing. Her skin sparkles."
"Fairy? I thought those were only light creatures?"
"Everything has a dark side, mate."
"But not every dark creature blood lusts."
"No, they don't. She does?"
"Well she cleared out half the blood there."
"Shame. That's a rare one, if I'd ever seen it. Keep a close eye on that."
"Do you know what kinds of things they can do?"
"Well stuff like the rest of us I suppose. She can probably see in the dark like us, increased senses, a changed state most likely."
"Okay well it least it all makes sense. She probably changed at her house. When she was in extreme pain her parents took her to the hospital. They started testing her but could never give a logical explanation. And she was dying without blood."
Gustus laughed, "Then you brought her here and saved a species, mate."
I couldn't help but chuckle, "Guess I'm a hero."
"Everything has its light side."
I gave Gustus a funny look. He just grinned, "Well maybe when I come back, she'll have wings."
"Yeah, they grow in pretty fast."
"Wait, where are you going?"
"I'm headin' off to a new forest. I can't stay here with Madalla so close, she'll kill me. And I don't need this silly water business like you do. I already have expanded life."
"How do you know your life span works when you are missing chromosomes?"
Gustus looked glum, he rested his head down for a moment and then looked up with a grim smile, "I'll see you on the flip side mate."
And with that he sped up the tunnel.


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