Bloodlust (Completed)
Author: Abigale Carter

Chapter 37
Dear god, where was Maggie?

From Christopherís P.O.V.

I could smell the blood everywhere.
There wasn't many people out at this time of the night. I was guessing it was maybe one in the morning or around there.
The occasional bum or hurried person past by. Every time I held my breath and froze my insides, telling myself to hold it together. †††††††††††††††

The hospital was quiet. It obviously wasn't visiting hours, but the nurses didn't seem to mind my presence for some reason.
It was harder to resist here. Wounds bleeding, surgeries done earlier that day, people dying. Lots of different blood types just flowing into my nose and rolling around my stomach tempting me.
All I had to do was find some blood containers.
Or a prize person, that no one would miss.

†††††††††††††††The third floor had the blood. I had sniffed it out very carefully. It was a jackpot. It was all contained in different little plastic containers which were labeled. I grabbed what looked like a laundry sack from off the floor and started loading it into the bag. Then I tied the bag and held it over my shoulder.
This wouldn't look suspicious at all.
I ripped some plastic with my teeth and began guzzling a packet of blood.
Damn, that was good.
I peered around the hallway checking for nurses. Empty.
Strolling out, I passed an open door room. I heard a small voice calling, "Nurse, Nurse."

†††††††††††††I stopped.
I would regret this.
I stepped into the room. There was a girl with black under her eyes, drooping. I could tell she was maybe ten years old, but she looked like an eighty year old woman. He hair was disgusting and she was looking so far from dead.

††††††††††††††† When she saw me she smiled. Maybe she got a lot of strange visitors, but she didnít seem to mind me at all. I waved a little. She looked at the bag curiously but then dismissed it. She told me to sit down on the chair. I did.
She spoke softly and course, "I could feel you walking. At first I thought you were a nurse, but then you walked in."
She felt me?
"Have you ever felt death before, sir?"
I didn't answer her, she spoke again, "I feel it now. It's coming. The doctors know it, I know it. But no one knows why. Why am I dying? You know."
In all honesty, I didn't know. I shook my head. She smiled wearily, "Put me out of my misery, I know you can."
††††††††††††††† I could do that. She was a simple human. I could slit her throat and drink all of her blood.
That's when I noticed. I wasn't feeling her blood like I do with normal humans. She was different. She wasn't tempting me with her blood. It was like she was a Blood Luster. Like me, like the forest. But why was she here if she was?

††††††††††††††† Tears ran down her face, ďI just wish I could have a better chance at life. Iíve only lived 10 years. That isnít long enough!Ē She closed her eyes and started crying.

††††††††††††††† I remembered when I was ten. My mom dropped me off at a mental home and left me. If I hadnít been a monster like I am, I would have been stuck in there for life, never having a real chance at living.

††††††††††††††† ďI can give you a second life.Ē I squeezed her hand and ripped assorted chords from her body. She looked startled but she didnít scream. I hefted her over my shoulder and booked it for the door.

††††Luckily, the hospital was remaining quiet. I didn't run into anyone on my way out. Which had to be pure chance, if anything.
Racing down the street was harder than it looked. Carrying a girl, a bag of blood, and living on a few gulps of sustenance.
The trees were around me and I fled for the cave. The little girl was still swinging around on my back, but unconscious now.
I shoved her down the tunnel and flung her tiny body into the water. She sank for a while, then floated to the surface. There she lay, floating for a long while.

††††††I looked around the cave.
Something was missing.
Dear god, where was Maggie?


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