Bloodlust (Completed)
Author: Abigale Carter

Chapter 34

From Christopherís P.O.V.

These woods looked the same in every direction. I hadn't stopped looking for days. Where did those stupid witches put their ugly candy house?
If the thing was invisible I swear to god I would-
Dark red eyes were following me. I could sense them and see them peering out of the dark trees that loomed to my right. I stopped in my tracks. A slow steady growl came from the trees.
A dog creature came flinging from the darkness. It was a grayish color with extremely long and skinny torso. It was walking crookedly and moaning softly as it began creeping slowly towards me. Large teeth came poking from his mouth that was bloody. It wasn't as big as a werewolf should be, but it looked an awfully lot like one. Maybe something was wrong with the thing?
I took a step back from the creature as it fell to the earth noisily and howled with its head facing the sky. A moment later it began shifting into a person.
It shaped transformed into a teenage boy. Maybe 15 years old. I went to his sore body and his eyes opened quickly, he grabbed me on the shoulder and shook me hard. He growled loudly but then coughed. He let go. He roughly spoke holding out his hand, "Gustus,"
I took his hand, "Christopher."
"Sorry we had to meet like this."
"No problem." I said trying to make the best of the situation.
"I'm a werewolf but some of my magical chromosomes are missing. So I'm more like a creepy zombie dog more than anything."
"I see."
"Weird how the world works huh? Since I'm a stupid Magical Creature I've been kept as a lousy pet for a whole year. Can you believe people?"
"No, I can't."
"Stupid witches."
I looked the sad boy directly in the eyes, "Witches you say?"
He glanced up from stretching his weak muscles, "Looking for a few?"
"Three actually, you don't happen to know-"
"Madalla? Yeah, I just found a way out of her portal system. Pretty confusing stuff."
"Portal! That's how." I muttered to myself, "I've been looking for it for days."
"You can't get through without the magic words. Which I happen to know of."
"Could you take me?"
Gustus gave me a skeptical look, "Look man, I just got out of all that."
"You don't understand, I need to get there." †††††††††††††††



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