Bloodlust (Completed)
Author: Abigale Carter

Chapter 33

From Maggie’s P.O.V.

 Pain pierced my limbs for a moment and I slowly opened my eyes. I let a painful moan slip from my lips as I stretched myself awake.
I was cuddled up in a pink quilted blanket on a small single bed. It was extremely comfortable. There was daylight peeking through pink curtains that matched the bed and shedding light onto a slowly moving rocking chair in the corner of the room. No one was on the chair, but it was moving.
I suddenly felt uncomfortable.
Who was in the chair?
I heard footsteps coming from behind a closed door at the end of the bed. The knob turned and Madalla marched into the room.
I jumped in surprise, the chair stopped moving. Madalla shed a smile of joy at my fright, "I see you're up and well once more today. How many times will you pass out going through that portal dear?"
I didn't say anything in reply to Madalla's sugary remarks. I glanced at the chair which was rocking again. Madalla noticed, "Don't mind the ghosts dear."
I gave her a puzzled look, "What kind of ghost?"
Madalla smirked, she threw some clothes at the end of the bed and chuckled, "Well she's no Casper I'll tell you that." She pointed to the clothes that looked almost identical to hers. Leather pants, boots, but a white V-neck. "They'll flatter you perfectly, so put them on if you'd like. I'm sure you'd be more comfortable in them."
I gave no sense of reply to her which she frowned at, "You came here on your own will, remember that?"
"You forced me."
"Darling, the power only works if you let it."
"Then why is it so hard to resist?"
"It takes a lot of practice, dear."
"And without practice its the same as forcing me to-"
"Hush, hush child. You are driving me crazy with such nonsense. Just have the clothes on when we get back tonight."
I gulped, I admit, I didn't want her to leave, "Why can't I come?"
"Oh dear, you can't see certain places, certain things, in order for this procedure to go as we'd like. So you'll just have to stay with the cat."
I sighed, "The cat?"
Madalla cackled loudly, "The cat will be in the yard on patrol. He senses things in the house. When you do something you shouldn't, Mr. Cat comes in to see you! So I'd behave."
I didn't argue with her. The rocking chair stopped in the corner of the room. Madalla glanced back, "Oh yeah, almost forgot. This isn't your room yet. Our previous guest is still staying here. So you should probably return to the living room when you're done dressing."
"Can I change in the bathroom?"
Madalla rolled her eyes, "If that is what you'd like."
Madalla strutted out of the room with an irritated smile on her face, closing the door behind her.
I glanced to the chair. It wasn't rocking anymore. Awkwardly, I spoke in that direction, "Um, I'm really sorry, that I've um, been such a bother." I lifted the comforter off of me and slid out of bed, "I'll just be going now."
I turned around holding my clothes and smiled at the chair.
Then I felt cold. Uncomfortably cold.
Something was tickling my ear deeply inside. It made my neck crane to the right. I was tingling inside. I heard a sharp whisper, "She lives, I die."
I couldn't speak. The coldness around me was almost petrifying. I tried to say anything at all, but could only let out a long breath that fumed out in front of me in a white puff. Again I felt the itch in my ear and heard a sharp whispering inside, "Help me."
The coldness faded away quickly and I was able to breath at a steadier rate. I held tight to the clothing in my hands and made a break for the door, as the rocking chair slowly began to rock back and forth again.
The hallway was dimly lit even during the day time. Three other doors lined the small alley. One to my right and two to my left. The one at my right was open and giving light to the wood floor. I peered inside.
The bathroom.
I hurried in and closed the door.
I changed into the clothes as quickly as I could, with a glance in the mirror I had to admit, the tight pants were pretty flattering. I looked pretty good. Witches know how to work it.
I shook my head and smeared water on my face over the sink. I dried my skin with a hand towel hanging off the wall and then stared at my reflection.
How long would I be here?
Would I learn to enjoy life as a witch?
Why does Madalla have a ghost here? And why does that ghost need help?

All questions that could only be answered by Madalla. Who most likely wouldn't answer them.
But could I use her to answer them myself?
Where did Madalla sleep?

Outside the bathroom was the two closed doors across the hall.
The first door held twin beds with matching lilac sheets and a large window in the middle. Most likely the other witches rooms.               

                A bed lay in the corner of the room by a window and was covered in black sheets. A vanity stood next to it filled with many assorted items. I found my way to it and immediately started scanning every little thing that lay on the old wood. There were some sprays to make you smell good, some makeup, a crystal ball, instructions to a few do-it-yourself hair spells, lipsticks, and different colored drinks in bottles. They were all how to remove wrinkles and stay skinny but one of them caught my eye. It was the largest bottle of red liquid labeled Hide your Age. I picked it up and looked at another label on the back that read: No one wants to see your real self at hundreds of years old! This potion is guaranteed to make your everlasting life look younger!

                How did the witches have everlasting life? Did they have Water too?
                Then I noticed the potion next to it. It was a very tiny bottle labeled, Elixir. On the back of the bottle it said: Next Ten Years.

                The witches must be hundreds of years old! How were they staying young for such a long time? If they had the Everlasting Water they wouldn't need potions.

                 Then it occurred to me. If they had the Water, they wouldn't need to bother with potions anymore. Did they know Christopher had the Water? What would they do to him, if they knew that he had it?

I remembered Christopher now in my mind, “The idea of living forever Maggie, strikes the minds of people and creatures all over the Universe."

But that idea could only strike them if they had other plans in mind. Why did Madalla need more time to live than she already had?
Suddenly, I felt eyes on the back of my head. I turned around to see the cat. It was prowling behind me hissing. It pounced onto me and I jumped out of the way bumping the table. A large Crystal Ball dumped onto the floor and shattered. The cat stopped hissing and flung itself back, away from the ball.
Water was gushing from the cracked ball, and it wasn't stopping. There must have been a spell placed on it or something. The more seconds that past the larger amounts of water that were filling the area. Large amounts.
I scattered around, nervously looking everywhere that I could looking for a solution to the inescapable problem I had just created.
Then I realized, I had never put the Ten years potion down! Where was it? I must have dropped it!
I scanned the floors all around me, I couldn't see it anywhere.
The broken crystal ball then shuttered and a huge splashing of water came gushing out like Niagara Falls. I raced for the door of the bedroom. Something cracked under my foot. I glanced back to see the Elixer slowly fading away under its tiny cracked bottle.
That can't be good.



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