Bloodlust (Completed)
Author: Abigale Carter

Chapter 31
Where's the dog?

From Maggie’s P.O.V

I slowly opened my eyes.
I was sitting on a large, comfy orange couch. Hard wood floor beneath me, smell of cinnamon in the air, a quilt wrapped around me, and a cup of hot cocoa on a coffee table in front of me.
Then Dontle's face.
"She's up! She's up Madalla!"
I shook my head and woke myself up, "What happened?"
"You didn't take to well to the portal. When we got to the backyard you passed out completely. I made you hot cocoa if you'd like."
I head Madalla's angry yell from somewhere in the house, "Dontle, Wheres the dog?!?!"
Dontle's face when pale. She stood there paralyzed for a moment before she replied, "In the yard?"
I turned around at the sound of footsteps, "You left the dog without a spell leash on, and the damn thing ran away. And now we have another stupid half-blood running around in these trees. Where do you think that werewolf is going to go Dontle?"
Dontle stuttered out an answer, "I-I don't k-know."
Madalla rolled her eyes, "Well it sure as hell isn't with us!" She lifted her finger and pointed it angrily at Dontle, "You better be glad you cook, or so help me, I would grind you into a powder so thin that-"
I spoke up, "You kept a werewolf as a pet?"
Madalla turned to me, disgust in her face, "Don't interrupt me when I'm death threatening, Maggie." Then she stomped away into the other room.
Dontle let out a sigh of relief, "Boy, I'm glad I cook." She slumped down on a matching orange chair across from me, "Try the hot chocolate Maggie, it will make you feel better."
I cautiously leaned forward towards the table and lifted the hot mug. I peered into it and sniffed. Dontle laughed, "For gods sake Maggie, I didn't poison it! Its my own little mixture dear!"
Caspus raced into the room, "If you had poisoned it, she really would be ground into a powder." She smirked, "Time to go, don't make Madalla wait."
Dontle lifted herself up quickly and the two scurried from the room.
Heavy boots stomped down the hall into the room. Madalla yelled after the witches, "You better be ready in five minutes or Dontle, you are the new dog!" Then she turned to me, "Sugar, will be here to watch over you, while we are gone dear, don't be a fuss or Sugar makes things messy." Then she made kissing noises with her lips.
A black cat jumped up onto the couch. It stared into my eyes heavily. Madalla chuckled, "Sugar dear, don't you want to make our visitor feel welcome."
The cat's eyes lightened, obviously the saying meant more to the cat then it did to me. The black fur split open on the face showing extremely white sharp teeth. It smiled creepily at me, never dropping contact.
Madalla left the room, "Goodbye dear, be back soon!"
Then Dontle rushed back into the room, "Oh and dear? When the oven beeps can you please just turn it off? Thank you!"


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