Bloodlust (Completed)
Author: Abigale Carter

Chapter 29
A Spell of Course

From Maggie’s P.O.V.

My feet were tired of walking. How many more miles until we were there? Where were we going anyway? Didn't these witches have any broomsticks?
I let out a long glum sigh. Madalla stopped in her tracks and turned around. I thought for a moment she was coming at me, but she only smiled, "This is where we stop."
I looked around. There was nothing but forest. I laughed, "No candy house?"
Dontle giggled, "That's only in those silly human books."
Caspus laughed, "We won't be here for long."
Madalla shushed them, "But first we must tell you of your purpose with us."
I grinned sarcastically, "Is it my destiny? Am I the chosen one?"
"Good, we need a little more hardness in this group. All I have is the two softies back there."
Dontle smiled at the comment, Caspus pursed her lips and glared.
"Anyways dear, we need you for an experiment of ours."
"I thought you were witches not scientists."
She ignored my comment and continued, "See, we need you in this experiment, and I want you to give full consent before we proceed to the house."
"Why ask for my consent when you could force it out of me anyways?"
"Exactly, easy way or hard way dear?"
I sighed, "Fine."
"That's better." She showed her pearly white teeth, "Hands girls."
The witches formed a circle and included me. Then Madalla chanted something inaudible. Suddenly the world was swerving.


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