Bloodlust (Completed)
Author: Abigale Carter

Chapter 28
Come Maggie

                From Maggie’s P.O.V.

Out from the trees came a gorgeous woman. She had striking features, with luscious curly blond hair, breathtaking red lipstick, and shiny green eyes. She was dressed in tight black leather pants with boots and a white V-neck t-shirt. She came to Christopher tilting her head, she ran her long colored fingernail through his light hair that was falling in front of his face.
"Child, you never age," She said softly giving him a puzzled look.
"You don't look to bad yourself," He lifted his head and looked into her eyes, "But I think all those potions are going to head."
She smiled with a faint laugh then frowned, "Christopher, don't cause trouble, I just wanted to meet your precious little friend here." She turned to me casually and smiled, "Madalla, dear. And you?"
I opened my mouth to speak but Christopher stopped me, "She wants nothing to do with you, Madalla, or your friends."
Just then two other ladies jumped out from the trees. The shorter one had a dazzling color of red hair that ran to her shoulders and sparkling blue eyes. The taller one had a brown pixie cut and gold eyes.
The taller one spoke, "Come now, Christopher. You wouldn't leave us out of the group would you? Dontle and I love being involved."
Dontle spoke, "She's right. Caspus and I are never left out."
Madalla smiled as the other ladies approached, "No one should be. Wouldn't you say, Christopher?"
Christopher took a step closer to me, "Let us pass. We only want to see the trailer."
The witches laughed together, "The trailer? You want to go get some old hags clothes? Pity, a lovely girl like yourself shouldn't have to wear those old things." Madalla cackled.
Dontle giggled, "Why not? She'd match that old thing!"
She pointed at Christopher and cackled.
Christopher was looking frustrated so I chimed in, "I don't mind looking like a hag, as long as it gets me away from you three."
The three witches stopped laughing and turned to me, they were glaring. Madalla stepped into my bubble and came close to my face, "She speaks, the brave girl. We could use someone like yourself dear, tell me, what is your name?"
I didn't speak. I could feel Christopher's eyes on me. I turned to look at him. He had no helpful hints. Madalla turned my cheek back to her, "Tell me dear, before things get sad."
I took a step back from her and stared at her directly in the eyes, but I didn't say a word. Madalla sighed and rolled her eyes. She took a deep breath and spoke, "Tell me your name." The words swiftly flung into my ears and inhabited my brain. The strangest sensations were swirling through me. My eyes rolled back into my head and I titled my neck back. Then it was gone, "Maggie," I spat quickly as if the words couldn't come any faster out of my mouth.
Madalla laughed, "Good girl, now tell me do you want old hags clothes?"
Still petrified in thought I spoke, "Not really, but I don't mind."
Madalla stroked her finger across my cheek, "Come with us dear, we can dress you a lot better than this mutt."
I picked up my feet and Madalla took my hand. I heard Christopher yell, "Stop!" He ran to us and broke the bond between our hands, "You can't take her!" Madalla stared at him with curious eyes, the blue tints gleaming. Christopher held a pleading face. Madalla smiled, "You my dear are quite fascinating. So she is one of you?"
I came to my senses, "No."
Madalla turned to me with her same burning eyes, I felt the wave of sensation again as she spoke, "Tell me the truth,"
"Yes," I spat with anger.
"I need her to stay with me," Christopher plead.
Madalla glared at him, "I need her too."
"I need her more!"
Her eyes grew crazy with anger. I noticed Dontle and Caspus take a few steps back, and so I did the same.
Madalla focused on Christopher and spoke, "Do not speak to me with such a tone. I am the ruler of these trees! You will do WHAT I ask WHEN I ask. And I know you will." She gave a laugh and smirked, "You are nothing but the pile of dirt you live in. You are a filthy disgusting creature. You will NEVER be loved, EVER!"
I bumped my back against Dontle. She didn't seam to notice, she just whispered quietly in my ear, "You probably knew but we can control minds with our voices. We aren't as well trained as Madalla, but it still comes naturally once you are changed." I turned to look at her. Dontle looked a little nervous as she stared at Madalla speaking to Christopher is foul tones. She continued, "When Madalla gives him these insults, he has no choice but to believe it. When she tells him he is nothing, he is nothing. He wants to die right now, I'll tell you that. But I can't stand this next part." She walked away into the trees.
I turned back to Christopher and Madalla. He was holding his hands against his ears and kneeling on the ground. Madalla yelled, "You are sick! You feel sick! You hurt! You are in terrible pain! Its in your heart! Its in your stomach! Its choking you!"
Christopher grabbed his throat, terror in his face. He screamed terribly loud and began to cry out. He crunched down onto the ground shaking and rocking back and forth.
I ran up to Madalla, "Stop! Stop it!" She didn't even look at me, I screamed, "Stop it! Please! Stop this!"
Madalla released her power of words and slunk her shoulders for a moment and closed her eyes, taking deep breaths. She turned to me and smiled, holding up her pointer finger. She turned back to Christopher and shrunk to the ground, she lifted his sweat lined head and gave him a kiss on his cheek. She then dropped his head and picked herself up off the ground. She took my arm, "Come," and I had to obey.
I took one last glance at Christopher, in terrible shape on the ground. Would he go kill himself from her words? Was he dead now anyways? I saw a tear smear the red lipstick on his face. And then he was gone.



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