Bloodlust (Completed)
Author: Abigale Carter

Chapter 27
More than Us

From Maggie’s P.O.V.

The more I look at Christopher the more I feel like I was meant to be here, with him. He looks at me in a very peculiar way. I've seen the way boys who think I'm cute look at me, and I've seen the way people who love you look at you, but the way he looked at me was different than all the other ways. It felt better.
Christopher and I were walking away from the tunnel when I began to wonder where I could get clothes in the middle of a forest. "Where are we going?"
Christopher replied without looking at me scanning the forest, "There is a trailer that was raided of people a few weeks ago. There was a few teenage girls in it. There might be clothes still there."

                “Where is the trailer?” I asked.

                “Oh, it’s a ways out. A few miles. But it won't take long. I'm just worried about what we might meet on the way there."
"What do you mean?"
"Let me tell you something about this forest." He glanced at me, seriousness in his eyes, "You know when humans always say that they can a freaky feeling when they come into the trees, but convince themselves that they are just scaring themselves?"
"Well there actual is a feeling. There are a lot of unnatural things in this world, and this forest inhabits a lot of those things. But not the good ones. This forest contains blood lusting creatures. Anything in this forest relies on eating blood. They can live off regular food, like us. But what keeps up their magical abilities is human blood."
"So we aren't the only ones murdering people here."
"No way. This forest runs for a long, long ways. It passes through many, many towns. That means more and more people coming in, to give themselves a little scare. Or people who think nothing is up with the forest and go in anyways. There are very diverse ways that creatures lure humans into the forest. Special powers. We only have a power to change ourselves and create an easier way to hunt. Other creatures can do things like trap humans, lure humans, and bring humans to them all with their minds."
"Will we meet any of those creatures on our way to the trailer."
"Possibly. It is risky. I know a few things that pass by the trailer every now and then, looking for trouble. And let me tell you, it would be trouble if we met with them."

"Do you know the story of Hansel and Gretel?"
"Not really."
"I'll tell you. Two little kids go into the forest with their father. But they get lost. When they try to find their way back they find a house made of candy. They are hungry and want to eat the candy so they go to the house. Inside the house is a witch who eats little children. She traps them inside her home in hopes to bake them and eat them. The two kids figured out a way to trap the witch in the oven and get away, but most aren't that lucky."
"There's a candy house?"
Christopher laughed, "No. But there is a witch. Madalla." He glanced at me, "She's one of the most dangerous threats in this forest. Powerful, she is. And she knows how to use it."
"If she doesn't have some tasty house, how does she trick children into getting into her oven?"
"For one thing she is a witch. I'm sure she has spells and all that junk to help her. But her number one threat is her voice."
"Whats so special about it?"
"She has the ability to change her voice into something else. Something delicious and tempting. When she switches to her perfect voice, you have to obey. It takes a strong mind to not give way to her commands. Whatever she asks of you, you must do it."
"Are you scared that we might meet them today?"
                A sharp feminine voice rang out all round me and shimmered through my mind, "He should be."


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