Bloodlust (Completed)
Author: Abigale Carter

Chapter 26
You Might

From Christopherís P.O.V.

When I came back down into the cavern she was still in her beast form. She lay next to the few fatty remains of the man and his bones. She was sound asleep.

††††††††††††††† I touched my hand to her slimy and cheek and her breathing steadied. Then slowly she changed back to her normal and beautiful self. Her hair was matted with slime and blood stained her soft face. She still looked gorgeous.

††††††††††††††† I sat and watched her sleep for a while. Her stomach moved rhythmically up and down and a small smile was spread across her cheeks with satisfaction. She was wonderful.
Years and years I had spent alone in the forest and now I had someone to share everything with. I had someone who could understand me and realize that who I am is just another species. Not really a monster, but something beautiful in its own way.
Maggie was beautiful. It could have been anyone who was like me. Anybody could have felt the connection with me. But it had been her. She was what I was. How lucky was that?

I brushed the hair from her face. Then I turned to the bones and other remains of the dead man. I scooted them with my feet into the water. The cool pond cleaned itself of the remains and demolished them. Leaving nothing but clear water. Everlasting Water only healed the living. And disposed of the dead.

I heard Maggie stir in her sleep. I looked at her. She was awake.
Maggie smiled at me and then stretched. Then she felt her hair witch was wet. Her eyes widened. She had suddenly become aware of what she looked like: Naked and covered in slime and blood.
I could tell she was uncomfortable with me just looking at her. She probably wasn't used to sharing this much with people considering she was a pretty innocent girl by the looks of it.
I laughed, "You'll get used to it Maggie. I promise. But have no shame. You look perfect."
She still had no idea what to do even with the compliment. I nodded towards the water. She slowly picked herself up and flung herself in.
When she came up I proposed the question, "When you're done, I thought we would go find clothes for you, and maybe I could show you a few things in the forest. Since you are new to this place and might want to know about a few things."
She smiled, "Magical things?"
I chuckled, "Not sure what you mean."
"You know what I mean! If I can change into some weird beast thing, there is more unnatural things out there." She paused in thought, "Is Santa Clause real?"
I grinned, "I guess we will find out this Christmas."


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