reality nightmare ( chapter 1 and 2 in middle of a MONSTER editing job!!!!)
Author: It's just Me

Chapter 12
overhearing him

  "i dont think she likes me, never the less i dont like her anymore." i hear josua talking to snow white. did one kick in the knee really do all this to him? "snow white, its not just the kicking and the yelling its the whole attitude." i want to gasp but he might hear me. " what im asking is; can you pair me with some one else? i dont want to marry her. i dont want to spend my life with her. i dont want to spend another second with her!" he said kindly, but i interpeted to be so cold and mean.

i couldn't help it. i had to do something. "how dare you say that about me!" i yell in his face as i scrambble out of the bush. i start crying.

"i-im-im." he trys to think of something.

"not sorry!" i finisht the sentanse for him easily. my attitude was blowing up in his face...and quickly.

"no!" he sounded like a confused perschooler.

"yeah, well i dont wan to mary you. i'd rather die than be stuck in this place." i yell at josua, and then snow white." draculas cooler than all of you! even if he kills me!" i didnt mean it all.

i run away feeling overwhelmed and pitying myself. my hand is yanked and josua squishes his lips into mine. he was proably less experienced then me. " smantha, im sorry. i'll get rid of the maids and bodyguars. i wont be in the showeroom. i wont sleep on your carpet will be better." he promisses.

"i kinda' liked having your company at night." i had to admitt.

"i can do...anything else?" he sounded like he was making notes or anything.

i kiss him romantically. "you should work on that, but with no other girl...this will be continued later..." i walk away-more like start walking away.

"did you just tell me i'm a bad kiisser and the cover it up with frosting?" he was good with the metaphore.

"and a couple of spinkles on top." i play along.

"ill see you later." i go to the kitchen to get a new soda, and....apolagize first. which was something im not looking forward to.

“I hear wedding bells!” he calls. I giggle and keep walking.



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