reality nightmare ( chapter 1 and 2 in middle of a MONSTER editing job!!!!)
Author: It's just Me

Chapter 11

  right now i wish they had just killed me. i mean it's better than being followed by three miads, two guards, and  josua at all times? right?

while thats whats happening.

i dont even get privacy in the shower! we have a dark, black curtain that covers the whole thing and keeps the peppers out. josua stands their waiting for me until i tell him to get out. i'm sick of this. its toatal torture.

"you think im going to run away, dont you?" i ask as i dry my alreay dressed.

he dosent move a muscel.

"good thinking." i pull the pplug out and walk away...only to be rejoined by my guards, maids, and josua.

he's a poor lost puppy dog.

and i still cant get over the fact that snow white is my mother

my life is really screwed up!

i wonder down the hall, coming to the stop at the kitchen. i wasn't hungry, just a little thirsty.

"aw...mrs.samantha would ya' like some in' ta' eat foh'yah' now?" one of the maids ask me nicely.

"im ok!" i wonder into the fridge and pull out a soda... "im good now." i alost start to walk away before the cook stops me.

"aw...mrs.smantha dont touch that. if you wanta' somein' jus' tll meh'!" he said almost sounding harsh.

"i dont need peaple waiting on me every damn secong! my gosh!" i throw the soda on the floor(it pops). i storm out of their running away to my room. the bodygaurds dont follow, but josua-that stupid joshua-does.

he follows me in the room. "et out!" i scream


"now!" i yell

he dosent move at all. whats wrong with him?

i open the door and gesture for him to go out again. of coarse he dosent. i then kick him in the knee and shove him out of the room wheil he's still standing. i was sick of the no privacy crap. "and stay the damn out of here!" i yell threw the door. i hear him run off. i feel a little guilty. but at least he's running. smiley face!



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