The Prada Girls
Author: It's just Me

Chapter 6
school is a drool


            “Key-me Bellow?” An old teacher named Mrs. Prunes called out to Camay in her croaky rough voice.

            “its pronounced cam-e!” she almost yelled.

            She was sick of it and frustrated. It was already forth period and every teacher had gotten her name wrong.

            My name is simple! What’s so hard about it? Camay thought to herself, ashamed her parents gave a hard to adults name to say to her.

            Mrs. Prunes continued on with her list, half ignoring Camay’s rude remark. It was only the first day of school.

            Camay felt the pocket of her denim skinny jeans vibrate in her lap. Buzz….buzz…buzz

            She pulled out her iphone and turned the buzzing before Mrs. Prunes would hear. That is if her old ears can hear.

            It was a text from Hayley that said:


            Gossip point! Dakota and I not I and Dakota (learned that in English 2day…) swapped spit! LOL! FYI: he’s a great kisser! OMG! Hope he’s not ‘experienced’ no what I mean ;)

                                                            ~ Hey say Hayley ~

            Camay quickly responded back, amused at Hayley and Dakota. She texted:


            Lucky you! My day suks! (I didn’t learn anything in English; I wasn’t paying attention) BTW: I told josh off. I hope I ruined his rep.

                                                            ~ Cam Cam ~

            “Mrs. Bellow, I’ll let you off with a warning “ Camay saw Mrs. prunes starring right at her. “ but ill have you know, we have a strict policy of no cell phones here at Stepplemoant .”

            Camay heard a couple of giggles, and buttons being pressed.

            Those aren’t my fingers! Camay thought. She looked across the room and saw a girl texting, a very b-utifull and popular girl.

            “But she’s texting” Camay pointed at the girl.

            Camay normally wouldn’t tattle-tale but this was not any normal day. Camay was in desperate need of anyone (even, dare I say it, ugly people.) to think that she is really cool.

            Mrs. Prunes looked straight into the girl’s mad eyes. “Im taking your cell phone away because last year we had a little problem with that. You know I don’t tolerate cell phones Mrs. Lexicon. “

            Camay was expecting a whine or a ‘please give me a chance’ or a ‘but you gave her a warning…’ or ‘you wish, like I’d give you my cell phone’.

            But instead all Camay could hear was a confident “whatever,” And the shuffle of her handing her phone to Mrs. Prunes.

            “That must be an alpha Camay whisper-mumbled once she noticed the girls reaction. Camay was very impressed.

            I’ll have to meet her later. Camay thought. But I’ll have to (yuck!) apologize to her. Sad face.

            Camay bit her lip. What if she doesn’t like me?

            Camay had never felt like this before. She had always had way to many friends, and double that sixe by the people who worshiped her from afar.


            The bell rang loud and longer than ever before, giving Camay a headack.

            “Sorry ‘bout that. My names Camay.” Camay put her hands on her hips looking fierce and ready to pounce.

            “Yeah while, you better be!” this shocked Camay. She gasped, choked back bad words, and had a million come backs ready in less then a millisecond. But what could she say, she had a brain that came prepared, and ready to make other girls cry there little sensitive eyes out.

            “Oh…you wish!” she said aggressively in a funny I’m-so-playing-around tone but she was getting totally serious.

            “you can NEVER talk to me again!” the other girl spit out comments like she ate them for breakfast and they never could stay down…so they were all baked up. People didn’t normally mess with her and her bad attitude.

            “Is that a threat, or a promises?” it was so cliché’ but it fit perfectly so Camay just had to squeeze it in, her moody comment.

            “Oh…wow…oh!” her friends hollered. “New girl’s got’cha!” they laughed around as though they weren’t even friends with the girl.

            “Oh…it’s nothing new. Did I mention how I turned off some dude named josh? So immature!” Camay bragged.

            “My boyfriend, josh?” her small eyes fixed on Camay with jealousy.

            “Yeah, he thought he was all cool with me after our date? Yeah right, like I said he is so immature. I know he’s cute and all, but he’s soooooooooooooooooooooooo immature! Right?” Camay continued showing off, proudly. If she had to go on a date with him she might as well use him now.

            “Date?” the girls eyes thinned with anger.

            “Yeah, hi is suchhhhhhhhhhhhh a bad kisser!” Camay NEVER kissed him.

            “My names Lisa and your d-to-m!” (D2m dead to me)

            Camay gasped. Lisa thought it was she was mad, or that she maybe wanted to be friends and follow her around like a butcher getting’ his chicken.

            “They were so my words! That is soooooooooooooooooooooooo plagiarism!” a smirk lingered on Camay’s perfect little face. She then walked away.

            Camay heard footsteps coming from behind her. She turned around, knowing it could’ve been anyone standing there.

            “Hi I’m Cursey, I was by Lisa…” Cursey said excitedly.

            “What are you hear to do? Send me a threatening note, b’cuz Lisa’s to wimp ta’ say it herself’?” Camay waved her hands around in the empty air. “Oh I’m soooooooooooooooooooooooo scared!”

            “No, not at all! I want to be your friend, dummy.” Cursey said jokingly with a little snicker.

            “What a joke? This is what they call ‘friends’ “ Camay snapped under her breath, lowly.

            “Huh?” Cursey asked.


            Cursey was pretty with dirty blond short hair. Camay half-way but kindly (somewhat) approved.

            “fine.” Camay says coldly.

            She was going to fifth, P.E., and she already had two followers. (Scarlet and Cursey)

            Lisa went to P.E. also. So when she slipped her gold converses off Camay noticed they were full of wholes, which showed blistered ugly feet.

            Camay walked over to her. “Lisa, are your socks saints?” she giggled, knowing what was coming next.

            “No! Why? What!?! “Lisa asked confused. Cursey laughed, she had never seen Lisa this vulnerable before.

            “Then why are you’re socks so (w)holy?” she laughed at her joke, glad she pulled it off with bitterness.

            Cursey also snicker-giggled.

            Lisa looked away and sniffled. She knew her spot in popularity was being taken over by the new, beautiful, girl who was such a snob, but she knew how to impress. Lisa gave her respects. She thought; at least if anyone is going to take over my spot she is mean.


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