The Summer I Died
Author: Richard Anthony

Chapter 29
32nd Spatiotemporal Exploratory Aggregation

The Invaders decided to make a deeper probe into this new system of poorly defended outpost and do some real damage that would make this society of weak creatures take notice.
The Asapatish used the scouting reports that were flooding into the Offensive Division of the Marauder Branch of the 32nd Spatiotemporal Exploratory Aggregation and moved a strike force of Class 3 Marauder units into the Gliese 581system.
The primitives settled the only two satellites available for them to set up colonies.
The Asapatish in charge of the Class 3 units wanted his men to improve their action records.
He thought some offensive combat action and extra target practice was just what they needed.
The orders to engage and destroy the enemy came from the command office of the Abaivarapatish.
Their battle plan was simple and to the point.
They were to engage and destroy all settlements, cities or military outposts that they came across and kill every living being as well.
Total destruction was the order of the day and the Deintus never took prisoners.
It was unheard of to do so.
Any race defeated by the Deintus had to die they did not deserve to be taken alive.
Failure meant death in the consolidative society that made up the complexity of the Deintus society.
They had a simple code if you failed you died. It was short, simple and oh so sweet.
There was no compromise, no forgiveness, and no second chance.
Do or die was the motto every Deintus citizen knew and lived by.
They never considered any other way.
As a result, the Class 3 Marauder units went into the Gliese 581 system with a sense of purpose and the yearning to kill these weaklings and toss them aside like last week’s garbage.

The only things standing in their way of total victory were the millions of mines placed in their way by the residents of the Gliese 581 and Graffias’ systems.
The King and Queen along with help from Uncle Salazar created many different types of mines built by the system’s fabricators.
Over the last month, the colonists of the Gliese 581 System fabricated and laid these mines throughout their territory.
It was a daunting challenge to fabricate these new defensive weapons.
All nonessential fabricators started producing the mines day in and day out until they had enough to spread them throughout the course plotted by the Drone Council.
After the attack on the convoy in the Graffias system, the Graffians were itching for a fight.
Without the means to defend themselves, both systems knew the new mine project a Godsend and everybody pitched in to get these mines up and armed.
Without knowing the material make up of the enemy’s ships production on all types of mines were encouraged.
They made nuclear mines, anti matter mines, x-ray and gamma ray mines, communication jamming mines, and dampening field mines.
All of them were equip with the cloaking device built in or camouflaged to look like small asteroids or other space debris.
Everyone one of these mines had a working drone in charge of its own mission to either destroy the enemy ships or block their communications with the other ships in their group.
They also were able to knock out the enemy’s power systems making it easy to capture the Invaders or to leave them to rot in space.

The thirty-seven units that made up the strike force of the Class 3 Marauder squadron flew in perfect attack formation as per the Third High Asapatish’s orders.
The plan was to attack the outer perimeter system’s defense platforms and then strike quickly without mercy into the colonist’s settlements.
It was a perfect plan that worked before and will work this time as well the enemy Commander thought.
The Marauder’s crewmembers salivated at the chance to finally do damage to these weak flesh eaters.
They had heard the songs of battle lust coming from the upper two Marauder Classes and wanted to add their verses to the continuing ballad.
All was in preparation, all was in readiness, their weapon systems were primed and ready, the Third High Asapatish gave the final attack pattern, and the Class 3 Marauder squadron flew into the open maw of the defensive mines that the colonists had just finished laying a few days before and died.

Another Royal Decree outlined the laying of the mines that the colonist implemented.
They had no idea what the mines would do and therefore had no idea of any kind of defensive strategy.
However, they did have hundreds of ships that would lay the mines according to the King and Queen’s plan.
The plans called to place the communication scrambling mines in the outer perimeter of the system followed by various and assorted nuclear mines then the x-ray and gamma ray mines and finishing up with the dampening field mines.
The royals also wanted them to sprinkle the commo jamming mines throughout the system to jam inter communications between the attacking ships.
They designed the outermost jamming mines to cut off any commo traffic between the attackers and their outlying base.
They wanted a total blackout on any information getting outside the system alerting the enemy’s command post.
They wanted the enemy to be clueless and in the dark.
No information was a useful tool that led to enemy mistakes that the Empire would use for their advantage.

One by one, the Third High Asapatish lost communication with the ships in the squadron as they advanced further into the system.
That was of no great concern to it because a number of things could be the cause of the lack of communication with its ships.
The Third High Asapatish knew for a certainty the units would act on those plans and attack according to the battle plan.
What he did not know was that gamma ray mines were destroying his ships ordered to destroy the outer defense screen.
The mines intense gamma rays penetrated into the hearts of the twelve Marauder ships and ripped apart every crewmember aboard the ship.
The Third High Asapatish did not know that those twelve ships were now space wreckage and would forever be a tomb of twisted and tortured Deintus citizens.
He did not even know when his life and the lives of those around him ceased to be.
There was no sound, no warning and there would be no additional battle songs added to the ballad.
There was only a swift and premeditated death handed out to these blood thirsty, salivating enemies of the Empire.
It was a crushing defeat and agonizing death that the Deintus race enjoyed to hand out so much.
Unfortunately, they were the ones at the focal point of the terrible weapons of mass destruction.
As the Invaders died a death, they so richly deserved the Empire gained a tremendous victory.
The colonist did not suffer a single casualty that day but to a person they all walked away permanently scarred by the destructive display of their new system wide defensive wall.
As the search and rescue, ships went out after the brief battle.
What they found as they gained access to those ships caught within the dampening field mines, were the crew’s remains floating in an airless ship filled with corpses.
All appeared to have killed themselves in a mass, suicidal ritual that was unknown to the New Spaniards.
Keeping a few of the crewmembers remains for scientific study, the boarding parties uploaded all the intelligence they found aboard to a drone that downloaded the massive file to the Drone Council.
News of the victory was widespread and instantaneous as the colonists rejoiced in their victory and salvation.
The clergy, stationed on those planets to look after the souls of the colonists, also heard the good news and celebrated along with their flock.
They immediately declared a system wide mass that every person was to attend to give thanks to God for their rescue from the enemy.
Most of the clergy also prayed for the souls of the enemy commending them into God’s Hands.
Almost every Order’s leaders reasoned that these new and awful weapons delivered them from the hands of evil, almost all, except of course the ‘Hounds’ or the Dominicans.
Their Order’s Elders decided to hold secret meetings in order to discuss the ramifications of these new weapons.
Was God behind the deliverance of the colonists from their enemy’s hands or did demonic inspiration play a hand in the outcome?
If it was because of demonic intervention, then at what price did their rescue cost?
The Dominicans feared that the cost would be their eternal souls.

News of the victory against the Invaders made the King and Queen exceptionally happy.
“Good news, Sire,” said Rexius.
“We could stand for a bit of good news, old friend,” the King said.
“The mines in the Gliese system worked like magic.”
“That is great news,” the Queen acknowledged.
“Quite right, your Majesty,” added Reginus.
“It would seem that your defensive plans in the placement of the mines were also a resounding success,” she added.
The King looked over at his wife.
“No doubt, she does have those destructive genes in her bloodline,” he stated.
“It is no wonder our daughter turned out the way she did.”
He chuckled afterwards to show that he was teasing her.
“She may get that from my side but she gets her deceiving and conniving ways from your side,” replied the Queen.
“Oh, really?” the King asked.
“Yes, really,” Isabella began.
“It seems to me that I was warned about you from my parents but did I listen?”
“Oh, no not when you batted your deep, brown eyes at me and worked on my naïve, schoolgirl crush on you,” she admitted.
“And when we married you said we would only have one child, now look at our brood.”
The King turned toward her and batted his deep, brown eyes.
“But my dear it was you who wanted more children,” he replied.
At that point, the throne room doors flew open and all the remaining royal children came running into the room disrupting everything.
Their young shouts of joy over the news caught the King and Queen by surprise.
The littlest and youngest one, Juan Luis, climbed up on his mother’s lap and gave her a big hug and kiss.
The Queen looked back at her husband.
“Now, remind me dear, what we were talking about?” she requested.


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