The Summer I Died
Author: Richard Anthony

Chapter 28
Captain James Allen USAF

Captain James Allen, as Alphie mentioned, was a pilot with the Aurora project based out of an undisclosed ‘black projects’ base in the Mojave Desert of California. His transfer to the newest black ops program called ‘Horus’ excited him.
Project Horus, named after the Egyptian mythical god king of the sky, is the United States Air Force’s highest kept secret project.
Allen flying the latest in American flight technology, the ‘ZZ-749’ or better known around certain circles as ‘Seth’ was in his element.
He was ready for this new posting and heaven and earth could not stop his desire.
Captain Allen is now piloting the Seth, the replacement for the older SR71 or Blackbird that previously ruled the skies above the planet Earth at night.
Every time he went up, he felt like the Egyptian god of night and darkness looking down on us, and protecting us in our sleep, as did the legend thousands of years ago.
The Horus Project’s missions were classified ‘TS’ or Top Secret by the Pentagon and just like clockwork; as one ship came down another went up to protect the skies above our heads, just like the legendary Egyptian god that protected his people.
It was zero two thirty or 2:30 AM when Captain Allen noticed that his sight was getting blurry and that he was having problems with rapid pulse and heart rate.
He had no idea that his blurred vision was due to hypoxia due to the lack of oxygen. When he realized he was getting ready to blackout, it was already too late.
The controllers on the ground discovered the sign of oxygen depletion at the same time Captain Allen was experiencing the problem and by then it was too late.
Trying everything possible, the ground controller’s frantic effort to gain control of the ZZ-749 to save Captain Allen came to a useless waste of time. They wanted to save the aircraft and the brave Captain but denied access to his controls sealed his doom.
The base could not do anything for Captain Allen or his Seth.
They would end up in the middle of the Pacific Ocean and no one except those watching his aircraft descend would ever know.
The control room tried tirelessly to reach Captain Allen but they knew he was dying or already dead.
All they could do was contact the Base Commander and updated him on the situation but he too, was helpless to do anything.
The Commander announced that the base would not conduct a search and rescue operation because by the time Allen splashed down he would have already died from suffocation.
They could not even recover the craft because there was not supposed to be a known craft of that type.
There was no action taken, no orders given to bring this brave young man back home.
They were powerless to do anything but watch and wait for the inevitable.
They did calculate that his impact area would be near the Marianas Trench.
Captain Allen’s final resting place would be the deepest part of Earth’s biggest ocean at a depth of over 35,000 feet.
The Base Commander knew that if there was any solace to this tragedy, it was the fact that Captain Allen and his Seth will be resting at a depth no one could get at.
An eerie silence fell over the control room as the last moments ticked off for Captain James Allen on his final mission.
There was not a dry eye in the room as they watched Captain and his plane crashed into the sea.

Aboard the San Marcos, the team tasked with keeping an eye on all of Earth’s satellites and air traffic realized Captain Allen’s plane was in serious trouble.
The tech watching the monitor on that particular sector of Earth contacted his immediate supervisor who then contacted his superior on the bridge.
Luckily, the person in charge of that shift was Lt. Commander Torres.
Torres wanted the translation of the communications between the base and the plane carrying Captain Allen done as quickly as possible.
The drone in charge of translation quickly contacted Drulop, Admiral Marinero’s personal drone, with the latest update of the emergency below.
Drulop sensed that this could be a crucial moment in the success of the mission, woke the Admiral up and informed him of the ongoing tragedy.
The Admiral quickly dressed and was on the bridge when Capitan de Avila arrived.
“Your orders Sir?” de Avila asked the Admiral.
“Has the medical and engineering staffs been alerted to the emergency regarding the pilot?” the Admiral asked.
“I contacted Secretus, the medical drone in charge at this time, the moment we realized there was a human pilot on board that aircraft, Sir,” Torres answered.
The Admiral looked over at Drulop and asked, “What’s the opinion of the medical staff?”
“They are monitoring the pilot’s life signs and have concluded that he is suffering from lack of oxygen,” Drulop informed him.
“Are you kidding me?” the Admiral asked.
“They can build a contraption that travels fifteen times faster than their fastest warplane and they can’t supply air to the pilot?” he asked incredulously.
“We believe there was a malfunction, Sir,” added Torres.
“We can’t do anything about it unless we expose ourselves, right?” asked the Admiral.
“No, Sir, we can’t, unfortunately,” said Torres.
“May I mention something, Sir?” asked Drulop.
“Go ahead.”
“As the medical staff has predicted the pilot will die from lack of oxygen and the plane will go down with him,” Drulop stated.
“Yes, and?” asked the Admiral.
“Why don’t we ‘rescue’ him using out matter transported before he dies?” the drone asked.
“We can let his people believe he died in the crash.”
“What medical drone is on station right now and listening in?” the Admiral asked.
“That would be me, Sir, Secretus,” the drone said.
“I’m up as well, Admiral,” added Dr. Sanador.
“Secretus woke me the moment it was known that the pilot was in distress, Sir,” added the doctor.
“What do you recommend, Sir Knight?” asked Marinero.
“He’s fading fast, Sir,” the doctor replied.
“If we are going to intervene, it is going to have to be soon or he’ll die, Sir.”
“And you believe we should rescue him Drulop?” asked the Admiral.
“Give me your reasons.”
“He’s an accomplished pilot or else he wouldn’t be flying one of their most advance planes,” Drulop began.
“We can only surmise that he has come up through the ranks in the United States Air Force and has spent many missions as a fighter pilot.”
“The amount of experience and knowledge that he possesses will be invaluable to us and our mission, Sir,” he concluded.
“May I say something, Sir?” asked Alphie.
“Who is this?” asked the Admiral.
“Alphie, Sir I’m with the landing party, Admiral,” Alphie informed him.
“Go ahead, please,” requested Marinero.
“I have been monitoring the conversations on the San Marcos as well those between the pilot and his base,” Alphie said.
“I have researched Captain James Allen and have found him to be a distinguished officer, Sir.”
“Continue,” said the Admiral.
“His file reflects the following, Sir; Captain James Allen graduated from the Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs, Colorado in 2005,” Alphie began.
“He graduated with the commissioned of a Second Lieutenant and left for his first combat actions in 2006.”
“He was part of the 332nd Air Expeditionary Wing, headquartered at Balad Air Base, Iraq and distinguished himself by completing over 35 missions in and around Iraq and Iran,” he continued.
“He flew one of the F-16 fighter planes that were responsible for the death of an enemy leader by the name of al-Zarqawi.”
“It was one of the defining points of the war.”
“After that he was reassigned to the 955th Air Expeditionary Squadron based out of Bagram Airfield in Afghanistan and distinguished himself there as well,” he informed them.
“During his time on station, they promoted him to the rank of Captain, he holds that position now.”
“Captain Allen then went into the Aurora project, an ultra secret project and flew for them for a couple of years,” Alphie stated.
“He continued to advance up the ladder and received a transfer to another top-secret military project called ‘Horus’.”
“He has been with Horus since 2010 and was due for promotion to the rank of Major upon the completion of this last mission, Sir,” advised Alphie.
“In my estimation Captain James Allen is in every way by accomplishment, by valor and by demeanor a very distinguished officer and gentleman, Sir,” Alphie concluded.
“Thank you for that report, Alphie,” said the Admiral.
“Admiral, as I mentioned he’s in distress and will die without our intervention,” began Drulop.
“Should we intervene and save his life, I’m more than sure that he would repay his rescue by offering us his service,” he added.
“He would have to stay with us,” advised Admiral Marinero.
“If we take him out of that doomed aircraft craft, he won’t be able to return home.”
“With the alternative being his death, I’m sure he would rather choose life, Sir,” suggested Drulop.
“Doctor, what’s his condition?” asked the Admiral.
“He’s failing fast, Sir,” advised the doctor.
“Captain, let’s pull that brave man out of that machine and transport him to sickbay,” Marinero said the de Avila.
“Aye, Aye, Sir. Engineering?” asked Captain de Avila.
“Aye, Sir. Chief of Engineering,” said Chief Geniro.
“Ah good, Chief, did you hear the Admiral’s request?”
“Aye, Sir,” the Chief said.
“We have a lock on the pilot and the plane.”
“Just the pilot, Chief,” ordered de Avila.
“You need to make it look like he went down with his ship.”
“Bridge, this is Alphie again.”
“Alphie, Bridge, go please,” replied de Avila.
“I’ve blocked all the communications from the ‘Seth’ to his bases, Sir,” Alphie began.
“I am scrambling their medical signals from the cockpit to the base so that the Chief will be able to beam the pilot out at anytime now.”
“They can’t tell if he is there or not now,” he added.
“Very clever drone you have there, Drulop,” the Admiral said.
“He’s not a drone that I am aware of, Sir,” replied Drulop.
“He is Chief Warren Officer Suarez’s personal drone, Sir,” added Commander Alvarez.
“Huh?” asked the Admiral.
“Oh, Commander I didn’t see you enter the bridge,” he admitted.
“I just got here, Sir,” replied Alverez.
“Good, just in time it seems.”
“Doctor, can we get him now?” asked de Avila.
“Yes, Captain the sooner the better,” advised Sanador.
“Chief, he’s all yours let us know when he’s been rescued and sent to sickbay,” ordered the Captain.
“Aye, aye, Sir,” replied Geniro.

Two and a half hours after his rescue, Major James Allen began to stir in his med web in the sickbay.
The monitors alerted Knight Hospitaller, Dr. Vito Sanador that the young Major was coming around.

Allen could feel that he was coming out of sleep or some kind of sleep-induced paralysis.
He remembered the hypoxia had knocked him out before he had the chance to flip the autopilot switch on.
So where was he and how could he even be alive?
He could feel/sense that they wrapped in some form of netting but for the life of him, he could not quite figure out what it was.
‘So not only was I knocked unconscious but I’ve been placed in some kind of medical cocoon,’ he thought.
‘Either I’m a prisoner or I didn’t make it out of the plane intact and all of this is just my imagination.’
Allen decided it was not his imagination and opened his eyes to slits slowly in case anyone was watching him.
If he saw anyone watching him, he would close his eyes and hope no one noticed.
He planned to mask the deception by rolling over while he peaked.
‘Here goes nothing…okay, one, two and…’ he thought.
‘Major, you can open your eyes up at anytime now,’ said a voice interrupting his thoughts.
‘What? Oh…ah…,’ Allen’s thoughts raced.
“Major Allen my name is Knight Hospitaller Dr. Vito Sanador aboard the San Marcos IV,” the kind voice said to him.
‘Spanish accent, that’s good thank God.’
‘At least it wasn’t Chinese or worse North Korean,’ Allen thought.
“Yes, Major I am New Spanish born,” informed Dr. Sanador.
“You can open your eyes and see, we know you are conscious,” he added.
Allen opened his eyes and was astounded at the sights he saw before him.
Around his bed, he saw what appeared to be military and medical personnel looking down at him as well as globes that were hovering in the air.
The military or medical staff did not shock him but the flying globes, now that was different.
‘I must still be under,’ he thought.
‘Wonder what kind of drug they’re using on me?’
‘Whatever it is it’s making me hallucinate,’ he thought.
“Major, you’re not under any kind of pain killers or hallucinogens,” Sanador stated.
“Again you are alive and aboard the San Marcos.”
“Can you hear me and do you understand what I am saying?” the Doctor asked.
“I understand you okay buddy but why are you calling me Major?” asked Allen.
“I’m just a Captain and am I aboard an International vessel or Spanish one?” he asked.
A distinguished man in his forties wearing a lot of chest candy on his uniform stepped up to the Major’s bed.
“I’m Admiral Frederico Sebastian Marinero of the New Spanish Empire and you are aboard Their Majesties ship the San Marcos IV,” stated Admiral Marinero.
“We are addressing you as Major because after this last mission, your promotion to the rank of Major was waiting for you when you landed,” he informed Allen.
“So we thought it fitting that you retain that rank with us,” he added.
Allen looked around him again, I mean he really looked around him this time and noticed a few things that just did not jive with his perception.
Then one of the globes started talking.
“Maybe we should let the good doctor and his medical staff, continue to monitor Major Allen until he recovers fully enough to have this conversation, Admiral,” requested Drulop.
“Good advice old friend,” said the Admiral.


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