The Summer I Died
Author: Richard Anthony

Chapter 10
The Dominican's Response

Deep within one of the thousands of buildings that made up the heart of the Order of Preachers, or the Dominican’s western territories a small gathering of the “Hounds of the Lord” was just getting started.
Present at the meeting were several Bishops, a few Major Arch-Bishops, Cardinals and one lowly Friar by the name of Diego de Morillo.
“Brothers let us come to order, please, the Master of the Order Father Francisco de Acebo has a few topics to discuss.”
Father de Acebo rose from his chair, looked over the assembled brothers of his order, and smiled. “Thank you for all dropping whatever you were working on to make this emergency meeting. I know we are all working hard to please God and do his work but these are trying times and we must protect God’s children and our beloved Empire from heretics and Devils disguised as sheep.”
“We are meeting here today to discuss what the Jesuits and their Black Pope are planning on proposing to the Pope and then the King,” de Acebo announced.
“But how do we know what they are planning on proposing, Father?’ asked Cardinal Munoz.
“May I answer that, Father?” asked Major Arch Bishop de la Cortez.
Father de Acebo nodded.
“We have come across certain documents that were leaked, by whom or why, we have no idea, but they were leaked to us,” de la Cortez stated. “We can assume they came to us so that we can stop this dangerous plan.”
“How do we know that these ‘leaks’ are genuine?” asked Bishop Alvaro.
“When we have shown you what they entail the authenticity will be apparent,” answered de Acebo. “Continue if you would Arch Bishop.”
“In front of you is a file that we have put together discussing what the Jesuits have in mind,” advised de la Cortez. “Please open them now and read over their proposal. We’ll give you a few minutes and then continue with the discussion.”
The other church leaders did so. In a short time, the room filled with gasps, sighs and murmured prayers. After a while, all the leaders looked up from their files at the Master of the Order.
“Quite shocking was what I thought after reading this load of trash,” de Acebo announced, “Quite shocking indeed.”
“The sheer audacity and scale of their plan is diabolical.”
“I’m stunned.”
“I’ve known the Jesuits were creative dreamers and free thinkers but never in my imagination would I have believed them to be insane.”
“They want to go back?” asked a member of the group.
“Go, back?” he repeated.
“Yes to all of the above, Brothers,” announced de Acebo.
“What can we do?”
“How can we stop this madness?”
“When do we act?”
“God protect us!” another exclaimed.
“Brothers, please restrain yourself and take a few moments to gather your wits,” de Acebo advised. “All of these questions and more are why we have gathered here today. We must be able think and reason to come up with a counter plan to this destructive expedition into the very heart of Perdition.”
“We must be vigilant, steadfast, and immoveable in the face of this threat created by our own brothers and stop them dead in their tracks. Our very soul and the soul of Mother Church hang in the balance, Brothers. We need, now more than ever, to be the Hounds of the Lord”, he gravely announced.
“We need to hunt down The Church’s enemies and keep them at bay. For God has given us this sacred duty to keep His children from harm’s way even if it means to corner these Jesuits and chain them up for their own good.”


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