The Summer I Died
Author: Richard Anthony

Chapter 2
Wheels Within Wheels

The Planet “Hispania” located in the Scorpii Solar System some forty-five light years away from the Sol system was the heart of “El Imperio Espanola Nuevo” or The New Spanish Empire.
These citizens of the new Spanish Empire comprised the very best of the economic, social, religious, medical and industrial infrastructure that was present during the sixteenth century on Earth.
Rescued slowly and painstakingly during a hundred year process, thousands of sixteenth century Spanish citizens from doomed ships, expeditions or disease-infested villages came to the colony ship.
The Rths rescued others from dying outposts in the “New World” that had been overrun by native attackers. The last two cases, distant members of the Royal family, came directly from their deathbeds. Everyone rescued by an advance race of space explorers called the Rths.

The Rths lived for hundreds of thousands of years in and around the Scorpii system and settled many worlds within a few light years away from their home system. Their sun, what we call “HD 147513,” was slowly dying. Their sun’s death throes caused a cataclysmic, societal altering incident that caught the Rths with all their advance technology unprepared for the devastation it wrought. No manipulation or varying the results by the Rths made a difference. Their fate was sealed.
They searched for other suitable living environments and settled those areas. But the writing was on the wall for the Rths. Their time was over. However, the Rths were not a race of beings that would just roll over and die. No, they were explorers, scientists and engineers.
They spent the next couple of hundred years building; creating and exploring their nearest neighboring star systems in search of any other traces of intelligent life. They did not find any nearby but what they did find made them realize that they were not the only space faring race in the heavens.
They found ancient races and civilizations that came, flourished and then passed away, some space faring but many, many others were not. Nevertheless, the Rths kept looking. They knew that if they were to find other cultures or civilizations they had to look for key scientific parameters.
They knew that they had to find suns that were like their sun and had formed planets that were in the “habitable zone”. They were millions and millions of suns around but how many had planets around them that support life? Through trial and error and hundreds of years of exploration, the Rths finally found our solar system and discovered Earth during the 1500’s.
If you will recall during the sixteenth century, Spain was at the height of its power. It was the most powerful, educated and artistic nation on the face of the earth. The Spanish Empire reached from Europe to the Americas and from Africa to Asia. It was one of Earth’s largest empires.
Therefore, when the Rths were looking for a people to repopulate their planets they went to the top and selected a civilization they believed would be able to inherit all that they have achieved. The Rths wanted to give all their vast knowledge to a group of people they believed could replace them. The Rths were the galaxies “Good Samaritans” and they could not let their dream or calling to explore to die with them.
Therefore, they “gathered” their newfound citizens in huge colony ships. While the Spaniards slept, the Rths recorded all the history of earth. Every civilization’s histories, the Rths recorded; from East, West, South and North the Rths copied the texts and stored them away. To later, be uploaded into the memories of their new citizens while they journeyed to their new home.
They also gathered seeds, farm livestock, equipment, and other items that their new citizens would need to survive in this new world.
It was the sixteenth century version of Noah’s Ark and the Rths had a far-reaching plan for their new citizens. They would start out their new citizens with what they had been accustomed to and then gradually elevate their lifestyles to a more modern technological setting.
While the new citizens were sleeping, the Rths adjusted their perception of what happened to them before their rescue and of whom the Rths were. As they came out of cyro sleep, the Spaniards were not surprised to have the Rths as mentors.
They also accepted the “drones mecanicos” or mechanical drones as artificial intelligences utilized by the Rths to help and advise them.
When the New Spaniards awoke from their sleep, they found a whole, new world awaiting them. A new home world filled with farms, new towns, cities, dockyards, ships, hospitals, government buildings, housing, markets and brand new Catholic Cathedrals all waiting for them.

Also during the long trip back to the Scorpii system, the Rths took DNA samples from each of their new citizens and with those samples grew a bigger population in hydro tanks. The New Spaniards went from hundreds to millions. The Rths also “upgraded” their passengers by manipulating genes to get rid of all familial diseases, and hereditary disorders. They did not create Supermen. They did not give them super strength, hearing or sight but they did make them more proficient at fighting off any sickness or healing any injury faster than normal. They also opened up hidden or dormant areas of the human brain to help the new citizens grasp their new life. They embedded in the New Spaniards the need to accept the Rths’ overall mission to explore and to seek out knowledge.
As the new citizens of the Scorpii system emerged from their colony ships, they did so changed, though they never knew it. But, changed they were. The Rths could have deleted the human emotions of greed, pettiness, jealousy, and hate but they decided to leave them in place. Their justification and reasoning came from reading humanities histories.
They discovered that many of humanity’s worst emotions brought forth some of the most significant changes in their history. They realized humanity needed opposites in order to keep them in balance. They needed a black to a white, a good and bad, a right and wrong. It was in man’s nature to fight and struggle and by doing so grow spiritually, emotionally, intellectually and culturally. They decided to leave those “human” emotions in their new citizens and hope for the best.
The Rths knew what drove their society but did not know what made “man” tick. They could only glean so much knowledge from the written histories that they copied. The Rths also needed to experience humanity’s ways, so over the next hundred years they learned and then adapted newer generations of Spaniards Nuevo to make them better.
Of course, the Rths adapted the new citizens without their knowledge or consent. It was not in the Rths’ makeup to discuss these adaptations to their newest citizens. The Rths had a plan and a timetable to stick to because they only had a limited amount of years left to perfect this “project.”
In the end, they did not get a chance to complete the project, not fully that is. They had to settle for 85% completion. They could not quite get to 100 % because of the characteristics that made humans, human. The Rths could not understand why they could not achieve the 100 percent goal.
Was it because of humanity’s cultural or instinctive behavior or just that disagreeable streak of stubbornness that kept creeping up, they would never know. They only knew that it did not affect all of the population only certain segments of it, but whatever it was, the Rths finally admitted that this was the best they would be able to accomplish. They finally finished their last touches on the New Spaniards and then they died.

The Spaniards Nuevo buried and venerated the Rths. They even raised monuments to their memories and prayed for their souls, little knowing what the Rths had done or stole from them.


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