Watching the Ripples Radiate.
Author: marshalg

Chapter 139
Travellers on the Orient Express

Negotiate passages old and new
Bold and brash between,
Rail’s steel exceeds the light
Beyond horizon’s gleam.
Travelling through the chasm’s deep
Winding up to plain,
Locomotion’s smoke and fire
On steam’s romantic train.
Huffing, puffing, spinning chuffing
Steaming, plunging steel,
Forging arms in piston action
Driving massive wheel.
Swaying carriage clatters forth
Syncopated rhythms
Dining car serves such delights
As lemon tea with frissoms.
The majesty of rolling wheels
Great driving sounds of steam,
The plushness of the smoking car
Where ’tis necessary to be seen.
Gin slings from Singapore
Malt whisky from the moors,
The ladies sip their cocktails
Black waiters stalk the floors.
The ladies dressed in finery
The gentlemen in tweed,
The colored’s in the freighting car
All smoking wretched weed.
Through the high Steppe’s distance
Beyond the Russia’s seas,
Descending to the Orient’s
Beguiling mystery’s.
Accompanied by bold hussars
On stallions black and grey,
Their flashing swords in sheaths of gold
All cheer “Hip hip hooray!”
Huge setting sun streaks vast expanse
Of grassy rolling scene,
From vivid gold magenta
To reddish, velvet green.
Atop the funnel feiry sparks
Blast to obsidian night
Above a million stars cascade
Across a sky so bright.
Wending forth to China
The glowing window’s fade
As distance and descending night
Bid farewell to travellers brave.
Swallowed up by blue terrain
A distant whistle blow,
Fading far away to mystery
Departing travellers go.
Mangere Bridge
11 May 2009


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