Bloodlust (Completed)
Author: Abigale Carter

Chapter 22
Then Black

From Maggie’s P.O.V.

                The pain was too much.

                I could feel myself changing inside and out. It hurt so much. I could barely stand it.

               I had to shake. My body wouldn't let me stop shaking. It felt as though my bones and skin were growing at an extreme pace. It felt like everything inside of me was tearing apart, like a chicken was poking around in my skin trying to get out of its shell.

                I held onto the dirt, and dug my fingers inside. I wanted to get the pain off my mind, make myself numb.

                I ripped the grass out of the ground and the rocks and yanked myself along the forest floor trying to find something to help me. I wanted to kill anything and everything I saw. I grabbed the trunk of a tree and ripped it to shreds so that it fell over and crashed to the ground. I sunk my teeth into the fallen tree. All I wanted to do was bite. I would bite anything. 
What was wrong with me? The thoughts that were rolling through my mind were so gruesome and cruel. It hurt to look through my own eyes.
The pain was so much.
I took hold of my arm and cracked the bone. It felt good. It hurt, but it was on a lower level of pain than what I was feeling. I grabbed my wrist and cracked the bone as well. It felt so nice.
Then I saw Christopher. He was a few feet away, crying. I slowly crawled towards him, trying to get rid of the pain. As I grew closer he shook with fear and tried not to look at me. I stopped in the dirt and began rolling myself back and forth.
How long would this go on? How long would I feel like nothing? How long would I be able to take this?

I took hold of his leg and he flinched, it must have hurt. He brushed his leg away from my hand and I felt slime. I looked to my hand. It was a grey color and stretched, much bigger than it had been before. I had long hard fingernails that were sharp enough to cut through wood. My feet were long and slimy. I bent my legs in strange ways. I could suddenly move myself in ways I had never imagined.
Who was I?
What was I?
The pain stopped.

                I saw Christopher bending over me with sad eyes.

                Then black.


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